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Using Credit Report Import, you can order electronic credit reports from CIN Legal for your clients and import them into Best Case in just a few minutes. With the click of a button, liabilities complete with creditor contact and claim information are ready to be assigned to the appropriate schedules.

All credit reports from CIN Legal include:

  • An organized, easy-to-read summary of key data from within the PDF report.
  • Bankruptcy-Specific Creditor Noticing Addresses which saves time researching invalid addresses and renoticing.
  • Public record information identifying possible judgments, liens and prior bankruptcy filings to avoid missing liabilities.
  • A current and 12-month post-bankruptcy predictive credit score to show your clients what their score will look like after bankruptcy.
  • A Spanish language version of the credit report at no additional charge on request.

Choose from a variety of options:

  • 2-Source Report: Merged data from Experian and TransUnion
  • 3-Source Report: Merged data from Experian and TransUnion and an 8-year bankruptcy search
  • 3-Source Plus Report: Merged data from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax and an 8-year bankruptcy search
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Due Diligence Packages

Bundle and save on essential due diligence products and services. Packages provide an easy way to purchase credit reports, credit counseling, debtor education courses, and other due diligence at a discount.

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Due Diligence & Debtor Education Items

To satisfy the BAPCPA fact-checking provision and requirement of credit counseling and debtor education, CIN Legal offers a number of additional products directly through Best Case, including:

  • Credit Counseling and Debtor Education: EOUST-approved providers offering quality certification in English and Spanish
  • Real Property Products: Choose from Automated Real Property Valuations, Broker Price Opinions, Ownership Reports and Lien Searches
  • Tax Transcripts: Acquire up to 4 years of personal or business official IRS Tax Transcripts
  • Personal Property Products: N.A.D.A. Automobile Valuations
  • Credit Assurance: Provides peace of mind to clients by eliminating post-bankruptcy credit report errors
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