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“Best Case is my single source for bankruptcy, keeping me on track of changes both nationally and locally. The Means Test is awesome and invaluable. OneTouch makes life easy by ensuring a simple electronic filing process that I trust. Finally, the Credit Report Import is an incredible time-saver and resolves my due diligence concerns.”

Tony K. DuckettLaw Office of Tony K. DuckettSugar Land, TX

“I love Best Case for three reasons: Automatic Updates, so I don't have to keep track of every single change; Credit Report Import, where I can quickly and easily request a credit report and import it into the client's file; and the Additional Documents Library, which lets me include extra forms, letters, and mailing labels.”

Robert Jarred, AttorneyLafayette, LA

“I am a partner in a small law firm in Dallas, Texas. Best Case has made it extremely cost-effective to provide excellent service to my bankruptcy clients. I am pleased with the updates that come as the law changes, or as Best Case finds better ways to serve its customers.”

Demetri ChambersWalker & ChambersDallas, TX

“The technical support is second to none. If you ever need them, they will not pass off your issue, as other companies often do. They will work with you to help you find a solution, even if the problem is not technically an issue with Best Case software.”

Gay L. MethvienDerren S. Johnson & Associates, A.P.L.C.Baton Rouge, LA

“Best Case has done a fabulous job of staying on top of the bankruptcy changes. Thanks for your timely and accurate updates!”

Kimberly Pack WilsonFraser, Wilson & Bryan, P.C.Stephenville, TX

“For me, filing was a clumsy and awkward proposition: click here, scan this, drag this, etc., and this was after attending a class on electronic filing. With OneTouch Plus, I file quickly and easily. I also love the electronic updates.”

George Downing, AttorneyBaton Rouge, LA

“The OneTouch electronic filing system is absolutely fantastic!!! It's fast, reliable, and hassle-free. Keep up the good work!!!”

Fatima Skimin, AttorneyNew Orleans, LA

“After 30 years of bankruptcy practice, I switched from TopForm to Best Case in May 2004. After a short learning curve, I have not looked back. I particularly like the features related to your creditor archives, and the ease with which exemptions are added to the schedules. Keep up the good work.”

Lawrence D. TackettSpring, TX

“You have a very well-run company. Any time I need help, I just call and right away someone tells me what I need to know. Best Case has achieved excellence in its e-file system; it couldn't be easier to use, and it works every time glitch-free. Thanks for putting out such a good product with great service.”

Erik Berglund, AttorneyThe Woodlands, TX

“The system is easy and simple to use. The electronic filing is seamless, fast, and reliable. I would not use any other product.”

Barry EfronLaw Office of Jack A Efron, IncSan Antonio, TX

“I have been using the Best Case Bankruptcy program for a short time, but I have fallen in love with it. It's very easy to use, very clear, and I especially like the OneTouch method of e-filing. I tried a few other demos before switching to Best Case, and I'll never go back to the old or trade for anything new. Keep up the good work!”

Stephanie DraheimDurand & Associates, PCLewisville, TX

“Recently, I used Best Case Bankruptcy and the OneTouch feature for the first time. My secretary even commented on how easy it was to update the drafts of the schedules as the client continued to provide additional information. This had been less than easy with the prior program we were using.”

Don CothernLaw Firm of Donald W. CothernTyler, TX

“I couldn’t be happier with Best Case's OneTouch filing system. I can’t imagine an easier way to file.”

John K. Dubiel, JrBristol & Dubiel, LLPDallas, TX

“I have been using Best Case now for going on three years. I have found the program to not only be very useful and efficient but extremely easy to use. I taught myself (that’s saying a lot for me)!! It’s a time saver also. The technical support staff has been helpful and friendly when I have had to call them. Keep up the good work!!”

Jennifer Bass, Legal Secretary Porter Hedges LLP Houston, TX

“Simply—'Best Case is wonderful!' It allows for the creation and modification of all forms. No other program has allowed this before!”

Michelle P. Garcia, Legal Assistant Law Offices of John Ventura Brownsville, TX

“I have been pleased with your software and its user-friendly quality.”

Rodney Betts, Attorney Amarillo, TX

“We have been very pleased with Best Case and have found it to be well organized and easy to use. We would give it the very highest rating.”

Mark D. Dunn, Attorney EN Jackson & Associates Dallas, TX

“One of the best designed software packages we use, with technical support that makes sense.”

Teri Walter, President Walter, Burdzinski, & Co PC Houston, TX

“Best Case is a wonderful program. It has saved me a lot of time and my boss money. I have told quite a few law offices that I recommended Best Case.”

Myra A. Gros, Paralegal & Marvin Gros, Attorney Donaldson, LA

“I work as a contract paralegal with the law firm of Jackson Mitchell & Jackson, a firm engaged in general practice with about 25% devoted to bankruptcy. The firm had a less expensive program which was disjointed and cumbersome to use. The purchase of Best Case has made my life much easier as I am primarily responsible for preparation of the BK petitions. The Middle District Court of LA is on ECF, and this feature on BC is great.”

Dawn D. George, Paralegal Jackson Mitchell & Jackson Baton Rouge, LA

“Your program shows an understanding of practical, day to day law practice which makes it a major productivity booster.”

G. Paul Marx, Attorney Lafayette, LA

“In addition to the duties of talking with perspective clients, I also handle all of the bankruptcy filings for our office including entering all the client information in the bankruptcy program and getting them ready to file. Prior to using your product, we used Collier's Topform but it kept locking up and was very difficult to use. Most cases would take one to two hours to enter. Since we started using Best Case, I have shortened that time to about 30 minutes. I have recommended this product to several attorneys in town, and those who have purchased all loved it. I hope that many more people will start to use your product so they too can see just how easy it is.”

Steven L. Bynum, Legal Liaison The Law Offices of Steven M. Williams Wichita Falls, TX

“It is simple enough that shortly after installing the program it is possible to use it advantageously without having to pore over a manual.”

Wallace C. Mencke, Lawyer San Antonio, TX

“The system is easy to use, and has served us quite well for a number of years.”

Joe D. Pegram, Attorney Oxford, MS

“I am very pleased with Best Case. New employees are able to learn it quickly. The program produces a first-class application for relief.”

Frank Waltermire, Attorney Lake Jackson, TX

“I have tried several other bankruptcy programs for the MAC and IBM, but none compare to Best Case. It is the most comprehensive program on the market. The technical support staff members are always friendly and are able to answer my questions. I used to dread the attorneys bringing in new debtors because I would have to prepare schedules and statements, but now it is a breeze. This program surpasses my expectations. BEST CASE IS THE BEST!”

Joy Corley, Bankruptcy Paralegal Jordan, Hyden, Womble & Culbreath Corpus Christi, TX

“When I ordered Best Case Bankruptcy I thought it was the best and I'm not disappointed. It is an extremely valuable resource which is easy to use and will be greatly appreciated by both the attorney and the secretary.”

Jeffrey L. Brunson, Attorney Crowley, LA

“Your program, Best Case Bankruptcy, takes all the drudgery out of preparing my cases: no more struggling with erasures, white-out, carbon copies or totaling figures and counting continuation sheets. I am very pleased with the program…Thank you for making bankruptcy practice enjoyable!”

Barlow Smith, Counsellor at Law Austin, TX

“Best Case Bankruptcy has been a time saver in the preparation of our clients’ cases. It is easy to use and does not require any configurations or computer tweaking. The bankruptcy petition prints out quickly and easily. We have even had compliments by the bankruptcy trustees about our petitions.”

Paul C. Suter, HPLA, Office Administrator Buskirk & Associates, PC Houston, TX

“I have used Best Case for almost two years. I have found the program not only to be thorough as far as the forms go, but also extremely user friendly. I'm one of the few people in this day and age who has no desire to spend time learning new programs, and with Best Case, I didn't have to. Thanks!”

Jennifer Bass, Legal Secretary Porter Hodges, LLP Houston, TX

“Best Case has always provided upgrades on their program quickly and the improvements have always been suggestions from customers. I like that 'customer-oriented' attitude. It shows that my suggestions and opinions are important and the product is great. The staff are friendly and helpful when you call with a question or a request. Our firm is very pleased with the results we get from the program.”

Nora Parras, Processor Boren & Waggoner, LLP Amarillo, TX

“I don’t know how I practiced bankruptcy law before I received your system. Practicing is now easier, more pleasant, more accurate, and more complete than ever before. I don’t even get bawled out by the bankruptcy judge any more!”

Peter J. Riga, Attorney Houston, TX

“Although I file 1 or 2 cases per month in my general practice, this product has proven itself to be a user-friendly, economical software that paid for itself after only one filing. The 2 hour average time for an intake and input of data has been cut significantly.”

Dennis R. Martin, Attorney at Law San Antonio, TX

“I used Collier TopForm before Best Case. After losing all my files due to an error from technical support, I immediately asked for a new program. Ms. Weaver and I obtained information off the web about Best Case. After installing Best Case, I called Tech Support and spoke with someone immediately. I didn’t have to be on hold for 30 minutes as was my experience with TopForm. What do I like best? The whole program. It is easy to learn and I feel much better about using this program than previous ones.”

Carol Bonds, Legal Assistant Sydney S. Weaver, Attorney Odessa, TX

“I have used your product for the last six months and deeply value the windows interface and ability to use MS Word. The output is excellent and input is much faster than my old DOS program. As a fledgling practitioner without any office staff, Best Case allows me to run things myself until I can afford help. Technical support is always prompt and effective.”

Doug Stewart, Attorney Baton Rouge, LA

“Your bankruptcy software has truly proven a Godsend! We were considering dropping our bankruptcy practice, as the hand-generated forms were simply too time-consuming. Thanks to your system, we have cut our time and increased our revenue in this area significantly.”

R. Stuart Phillips Pearson & Phillips Clarksdale, MS

“The feature of Best Case which automatically transfers creditor information to every appropriate place in the schedules is a great time-saver. Also, the much improved Chapter 13 Plan Calculator allows the attorney or paralegal to effortlessly compare the effect of graduated plan payments or varying percentages for unsecured creditors.”

Sharon L. Michaels, Attorney at Law Houston, TX

“I like the product because it simplifies the task of preparing schedules, matrices and statements of affairs.”

Joyce Lindauer, Attorney Dallas, TX

“I have used the Matthew Bender program in the past but have used Best Case Bankruptcy for the past 3 years. I think it is very user-friendly and even a computer dummy like myself can prepare a Chapter 7 in almost 30 minutes.I am extremely impressed with the support that is provided…I would not trade the program.”

Mike O’Dowd, Attorney Waco, TX

“I really like the changes that you made in the most recent update! I am very pleased with how the program works and would definitely recommend it to my colleagues.”

Stephanie Barnett, Attorney at Law Houston, TX

“This is a fabulous program. It is an easy, quick and efficient way to compile all of a particular client’s information into one source. The printed results look very professional, concise and are easy to read. The ability of the program to cross-reference all the information so as to virtually eliminate double entries is great. It is now very easy to prepare Chapter 11 and 13 Plans as well, which in the past were cumbersome at best and required much thought and time. An excellent product which I highly recommend.”

Teri Bertuzzi, Office Manager James Jameson, Attorney Houston, TX

“I have found Best Case Bankruptcy Software to be very user friendly. There are many fabulous features, including the ability to merge with our word processor. The Multi-User Version is the only way to go. It has been a life saver for us many times in instances where we have business and personal bankruptcies for the same debtor(s), or several different cases that need to be filed at the same time. There are three girls in this office and each of us can work on a different case when necessary. I would strongly recommend this software to anyone in this type of business.”

Susan L. Traylor, Legal Secretary Law Offices of Ronald E. Walker Amarillo, TX

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