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Student Download Instructions

  1. Complete the form and continue to download EDU_setup.exe.
  2. Save the file (EDU_setup.exe) to your desktop.
  3. Run the file EDU_setup.exe. After completing the installation wizard, the educational version of Best Case Bankruptcy will be installed on your computer.

Student Materials

  • Student Essentials - This student instructional guide covers some basic uses of the software including navigating the schedules, transferring client files via email or disk, and much more.
  • ECF Guide - The Electronic Case Filing Guide will aid your students as the explore the courts' Case Management and Electronic Case Filing systems.
  • Means Testing Guide - The Means Testing Guide will provide your students with a detailed walkthrough of using the Means Test Calculator in Best Case Bankruptcy.

Student Exercises

Resources for Students

  • Around the Circuits - Around the Circuits allows you to read about recent decisions in bankruptcy courts around the nation. Written by a practicing bankruptcy attorney.
  • Best Case Online Tools - Best Case offers several Online Tools for your use in the classroom such as a Quick Median Income test, date calculator, a days between calculator and more!
  • Bankruptcy Basics - Originally developed by the Middle District of Florida and now available through, this series of videos covers all of the basics of bankruptcy law. This was developed for attorneys to provide to their clients; however, many attorneys, legal professionals and students have used these videos as an introduction to bankruptcy.
  • American Bankruptcy Institute - Comprehensive information about legislative news related to bankruptcy, bankruptcy statistics, judges' opinions, bankruptcy code and analysis. ABI is "the nation's largest multi-disciplinary, non-partisan organization dedicated to research and education on matters related to insolvency." ABI publishes a newsletter 10 times per year, distributed to ABI members.
  • Best Case Spotlight - Learn tips, tricks and best practices with Best Case through this e-newsletter.
  • Best Case Scenarios - The Newsletter for Best Case Customers.