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Electronic Case Filing with Best Case® Bankruptcy: A Change for the Better

Best Case Bankruptcy Makes Electronic Filing a Breeze.

The ECF Wizard makes creating elctronic files simple; just click a few buttons, and files are made for you in the proper format and order for your local court. We go a few steps further than other software packages by helping you manage and upload your files as well. Our ECF Manager gives you instant access to the court's web site and lets you view files before uploading.

Only Best Case has the OneTouch® Electronic Filing System.

Electronic case filing just doesn't get any faster and easier than this. Our exclusive OneTouch feature enables you to submit forms to the court's web site with push-button ease - and to get the case number confirming the filing in moments. Learn more about OneTouch Electronic Filing

BestScan™ Makes PDFs of Scanned Documents

Our BestScan feature allows users to easily create PDFs for submission to the court. You simply insert the document (i.e. supplemental forms, paystubs, Credit Counseling Certificates) into your scanner, and then BestScan takes over. The court-recommended settings are used to save the document as a compact PDF in Best Case for easy upload to the court's site. No need to fiddle with complicated scanner settings: we do it for you!

Best Case Makes Switching Simple.

You're probably aware that older software programs just aren't equipped to handle electronic filing. Yet you may have put off the switch to a more powerful bankruptcy package because of the disruption and hassle. You'll be glad to know that Best Case has been working closely with attorneys and courts right from the beginning - and our software incorporates a deep knowledge of what you need to streamline your filings. Law firms across the country consistently tell us that Best Case Bankruptcy cuts their filing time by 50-75%. We can import common creditors from most major competitors, making your transition hassle-free.

Best Case Bankruptcy ECF Tour

Would like like to know more about why Best Case Bankruptcy is the best for electronic filing? Take our ECF Tour which will provide you with information on all of the electronic filing features available with Best Case Bankruptcy. Best Case Bankruptcy ECF Tour

"Best Case is terrific! I can't believe I'm saying this without being paid, but it's true! We had used a different program, but once our district switched to electronic filing nothing but Best Case would do."

-Pierrette Wolfe Wolfe Law Office Clinton, IA

"I traveled over 100 miles to take the required class for e-filing. After an all day session, I returned to my office to try it, only to learn that one click [in Best Case] told the software to do what I had spent all day learning."

-Harry Rogers Attorney at Law Monterey, CA

"It is the most user-friendly software I own. Even through the trials of our district converting to electronic filing, Best Case came through with flying colors."

-Charles H. Byrd, Partner Byrd & Byrd, Attorneys at Law, P.L.L.C. Jackson, TN