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MyCaseInfo is a secure, web-based client questionnaire created to integrate with Best Case Bankruptcy for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. It allows you to invite clients to answer bankruptcy related questions and upload documents online and with a click of a button populate the client entered data into a new or existing client in Best Case Bankruptcy, saving your firm hours of data entry.


  • $8 per client download (plus tax)
  • One convenient monthly payment
  • Your first download is FREE!
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Benefits of MyCaseInfo

  • Reduce Paperwork within Your Office - Access your client's information on the secured MyCaseInfo site from any computer. Eliminate the need of keeping paper questionnaires in your office!
  • Online Document Management Gain the ability for clients to upload bankruptcy related documents such as Certificate of Credit Counseling, Tax Transcripts, and Paystubs.
  • Automatic Reminders - No longer worry about reminding your clients to upload documents or complete the questionnaire, we will do that for you.
  • Easily Exchange Messages - Communicate with your client within the program through email and flags.
  • Track Client Status -Gain the ability to track your client's progress to see what questions have been answered and which documents have been uploaded.
  • Central Storage - After downloading, have access to all client entered data in one location.
  • Ensure Reliability and Security - MyCaseInfo encrypts all client data and protects valuable information.
  • MyCaseInfo Website Registration Integration Save time by having prospective or current clients initiate the bankruptcy questionnaire. The new MyCaseInfo feature allows clients to sign up for MyCaseInfo directly from your website.
    • Download the Reference Guide to get general guidance regarding how to integrate this new feature into your own website.
  • MyCaseInfo Spanish Language Version This new feature is a complete translation of all MyCaseInfo questions, labels, drop-down lists, action buttons, documents, and videos. The questions are written to be easily understood by debtors with no knowledge of the technical language used in the official bankruptcy forms.
    • Download the Translation Guide to get general guidance regarding how to enable this new feature.

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You can also attend a webinar that will walk you through how to use MyCaseInfo to help you streamline your workflow and reduce data entry.

Download more information or call 1.800.492.8037 to learn about MyCaseInfo.

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