Best Case Date Calculator
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To use the Best Case Date Calculator:

  1. Enter a starting date in the field provided. Use the mm/dd/yyyy format.
  2. Enter the number of years, months and/or days you want to add to or subtract from the start date.*
  3. Check the business days option to calculate in business days. (Note that checking this box will deactivate and clear the Months and Years fields.  Use the Days field to add or subtract up to 1000 business days at a time.)
  4. Select whether you want to calculate forward or backward.
  5. Click "Calculate New Date."
  6. The Results section will display the calculated date. If the actual date calculated falls on a Weekend or a Holiday, the results will show the next business day after the calculated date.††

*Note: The date calculator can calculate any date ranging between 01/01/0001 and 12/31/9999. If the date calculated is outside of this range you will generate an error.

††The dates and holidays returned by this calculator are correct to the best of our knowledge. However, due to subtleties and nuances in the way religious holidays are calculated, it is up to the user of this calculator to consult other sources to verify these dates before using them to plan travel or meetings or for any other purpose.