Case Preparation

Forms and Entry Screens

Federal and Local Support

Best Case Software Window
All the Forms You Need to File

New and revised federal and local forms are updated regularly in Best Case ensuring that you have everything you need to file in your jurisdiction. An intuitive interface provides:

  • Point and Click Preparation – Drop down menus, charts and tables for speedier data entry and access to critical figures such as Census Bureau data
  • Court-compliant Form and Schedules – The appropriate federal documents for a case in the court-specified order for simple preparation
  • Data Links Between the Schedules – Enter data once and it automatically populates the appropriate schedules within Best Case

Only the Forms specific to the type of debtor, chapter filing and jurisdiction are displayed making it easy to prepare your case.

Data-Entry Shortcuts

Shortcuts to Save Time

Best Case provides you with a number of data-entry shortcuts to save you time, including:

  • Client Templates – Begin a new case with pre-populated data in the client file
  • Common Creditor List – Build a creditor database to access instantly
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – In a few keystrokes insert pre-defined text
  • Common Text Blocks – Eliminate data entry by placing large amounts of text in seconds
  • Address Helper™ – When a ZIP code is entered, the city and state automatically populate
  • AddressClipper™ – Copy and paste contact information within Best Case or other Windows® applications
  • ZIP Code County Selection – When a ZIP code could apply to multiple counties, a County Lookup window will appear

Best Case Editor

Customize and Edit Forms

The Best Case Editor is a built-in word processor that allows you to:

  • Customize a variety of local, supplemental and official forms
  • Edit the form directly to add custom info and formatting
  • Develop cover sheets with Best Case data

Then save the customized forms as an attachment or as a replacement to the original form.

Exemption Analyzer

Easily Determine Client Exemptions

The Exemption Analyzer examines the information you enter about the debtor’s domicile and homestead purchases and delivers an eligibility status to help you determine which exemption table to apply to a client under the state residency requirements.

Data Collection and Integration

Client Intake

Data Collection Made Easy

Streamline the initial data collection and entry process with MyCaseInfo®, the secure web-based client questionnaire.

  • Save hours of manual data-entry with a click of a button
  • Provide an organized, electronic way for clients to share information and documents
  • Monitor client status and data to ensure quality and completeness
  • Streamline communication with your clients

Printable client questionnaires are also available within the Forms and Schedules Menu to help gather data for business and non-business debtors.

Credit Report Manager

Save 60+ Minutes of Data Entry per Case

Credit Report Manager allows you to easily order and import credit report data without leaving your software, saving you an average of 60 minutes of data entry per case.

  • Direct integration into the Forms & Schedules
  • Merged data from three credit bureaus to view all creditors in one report
  • Bankruptcy-specific creditor addresses to reduce time spent on renoticing
  • Your client’s credit score; a LexisNexis 8-year bankruptcy, judgment and liens search; and comprehensive asset data
  • Your product preferences are saved to expedite future client orders


Order Data in a Couple Clicks

Quickly obtain bankruptcy data products and services for your client in just a few clicks with CaseAssist. Order multiple data products at one time including:

  • Credit and Financial Reports
  • Bankruptcy Courses
  • Income and Asset Data, including tax transcripts and property appraisals

CaseAssist also saves your order preferences making the process even faster for future clients.

CaseAssist order selection screen


Paper to PDF in Moments

BestScan™ allows you to take paper documents like credit counseling certificates and convert them to PDF files for electronic filing. In just a few clicks, BestScan:

  • Generates a digital file
  • Names the file accordingly
  • Attaches it to the proper form
  • Saves the file in the required format

Means Test Calculator

Median and Means Test

Best Case Means Test Window
Calculations Simplified

The Means Test Calculator automates the calculation of Current Monthly and disposable income to determine a Presumption of Abuse. Key features include:

  • IRS and Census Bureau data at your fingertips
  • Form hints which provide details, insight and descriptions based on the code
  • Simultaneous access to Schedules I, J and Form 122 for comparison
  • Form 122 data summary to quickly review the dollar amounts that affect the calculation

Paycheck Calculator

Paycheck Calculator Screen
Streamline Paycheck Entry

The Paycheck Calculator streamlines the entry of debtor paychecks enabling you to keep a detailed and more accurate account of payroll income and deductions. The Paycheck Calculator allows you to:

  • Save time by adding income to both Form 122 and Schedule I
  • Include paycheck deductions for more accurate B22 calculations
  • Create Fast Entry-Paycheck Templates for a consistent set of payroll deductions

IRS and Census Bureau Data

IRS and Census Bureau Data Window
Bureau Data at Your Fingertips

The Means Test Calculator automatically fills in applicable IRS living, housing, and car allowances for your client, giving you a running total of disposable income. View real-time IRS and Census Bureau Data charts that provide:

  • The most current IRS and Census Bureau figures
  • A comparison of figures for additional, household and family
  • Access to US Trustee Means Testing Tables
  • A link to the summary of changes when they occur

Presumption of Abuse

Presumption of Abuse Screen
Quickly Determine Presumption of Abuse

After entering your client’s information for Chapter 7, Best Case indicates whether there is a Presumption of Abuse.

  • Green Happy Face: No Presumption of Abuse
  • Yellow Sad Face: Presumption of Abuse

Best Case calculates your client’s 6-month average income and compares it to the Census Bureau median for that state. Additional dynamic entry screens appear if the debtor’s income is above the state median. Best Case then calculates the disposable monthly income and determines if there is a presumption of abuse.

Chapter 13 Plan Calculator


Calculate Your Plan in Moments

After setting your treatment classifications, calculating your plan is easy! You can:

  • Create a step plan
  • Factor in lump sum payments
  • Change the percentage to pay to unsecured non-priority creditors

Your plan is calculated in moments, factoring in any interest accrued, checking for under funding, and comparing your totals to the Chapter 13 Plan limits.

Chapter 13 Plan Calculator

Treatment Classifications

Select Classifications for Each Claim

Best Case uses claim information from Schedules D, E & F which allows users to select treatment classification for each portion of each claim. You decide:

  • To make fixed or pro-rata payments
  • If the claim should be paid through the plan or extended beyond it
  • To make payments directly to the creditor or through the plan

You can even customize and create your own Chapter 13 Plan classifications!

Treatment Classifications Window


Create a Customized Plan

The Chapter 13 Plan Calculator allows you to create customized plans. From user requested form preferences to creating custom plan classifications, the Chapter 13 Calculator puts you in control.

The Setup Menu: Adjustments can be made on the trustee’s fee, whether it is calculated on contributions or distributions; users can also create and modify plan classifications and set default classifications for claims.

Form Preferences: Users can customize how an individual client’s chapter 13 plan is calculated and printed. Form preferences cover a wide variety of options and vary significantly between jurisdictions.

Customize your plan

Local Plans

More Plans than Any Other Software

The needs of Chapter 13 practitioners are unique depending on jurisdiction. Best Case offers a more than 100 district-specific custom Chapter 13 Plans for an additional fee. District-specific plans provide:

  • Quick entry of data: Populate your Trustee-approved plan directly in Best Case
  • Up-to-date forms: Never worry about downloading the latest plan from your Trustee’s website
  • Easy-to-use instructions: Detailed steps walk you through entering data in order for it to appear correctly on the form

Explore the custom Chapter 13 Plans offered below.

Chapter 13 Plans and Local Forms

Click on a state to view Custom Chapter 13 Plans and local forms by district.

Chapter 13 Plans and Local Forms

Click on the button to view Custom Chapter 13 Plans and local forms by district.

Best Case has stayed ahead of the competition in updates for proper filing information for our practice.

– James George | HM George and Associates | Nashville, TN

The smiley face simplifies the explanation of the Means Test and rules to the client, forcing a Chapter 13 filing.

– Patrick Balkin | Jackson & Balkin | Lockport, NY

Given the breadth of information to be entered, having Best Case perform the calculations is a huge time saver.

– Cathy Waddell | C. Waddell Law, LLC | Marietta, GA

No need for me to calculate the amount of exemption space available, equity in property, total debts, the Summary of Schedules calculations, etc.

– Dmitry Lev | Law Offices of D. Lev, PC. | Watertown, MA

Best Case is helpful because when the same information needs to be included on different forms, it automatically makes that happen.

– Jeffrey B Lampert | Law Office of Jeffrey Lampert | West Palm Beach, FL