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Central District of California Signature Requirement – December 1, 2017

The United States Bankruptcy Court of the Central District of California is mandating a new Signature Requirement for documents filed through CM/ECF. Please visit your Courts website for details regarding this new requirement.

Best Case® Bankruptcy can help assist you with this new mandated requirement.

Please follow the steps to continue filing documents through CM/ECF using Best Case® Bankruptcy.

1. Open the Client File

2. Click the Print All button.

3. In the Print Documents window, under the Print tab, uncheck the option “Print /s/<name> on signature lines (electronic filing)“

4. Click Print.

5. Have the Debtor(s) sign the correct forms.

6. In the same Client File, click ECF Manager.

7. Click on Prepare ECF Filing and go through the wizard to prepare a filing.

8. In the ECF Manager window, select BestScan.

9. Scan the following forms:
– Petition. PDF ( Do not include Form 121-SSN Statement). This includes the VolPet, Schedules A-J, Form 106, 107, 108(SOFA-Chapter 7), Form 2030, Form 122A/B, Verification of Creditor Matrix, Creditor Address Matrix
– Plan. PDF (Chapter 13 Case)
– Rights. PDF (Chapter 13 Case)
– Form3. PDF (Installments)
– Form3b. PDF (Chapter 7 Case Waiver)

10. Once scanned select Save PDF.

11. Rename the scanned PDF to the file name you would like to replace (listed above) or select a PDF to overwrite the file. Select Save PDF.
– If you choose to overwrite a file, a pop-up window will display asking you: Do you want to replace the file? Select Yes. 

12. Review the forms in the ECF Manager window by double clicking on the form, or by pressing View File.

13. When ready, use OneTouch Case Filing to submit your files to the Court.

As a reminder, please visit your Courts website for details regarding this new Central District of Californa mandated signature requirement. Please contact Best Case Technical Support at 800.492.8037 if you have any questions or need assistance with this feature.


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