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Data Products and Services that Enhance Our Law Practice

Chris Jones, JD | 3 Jun 2019 | Attorney Insights, Customer Showcase

We started our Bankruptcy Law practice in 2003 and have used Best Case from the beginning. As our firm has evolved and grow…

The fastest way to file: Draft a petition in 30 minutes

Best Case | 1 Nov 2018 | Attorney Insights

Competitors brag about filing a case in an hour with their bankruptcy software. With Best Case, you can draft a petition in…

Valuable Insights from the Trenches: Draft a Petition in 30 Minutes

George Vogl, JD | 10 Aug 2018 | Attorney Insights

There’s a number of different ways one can go about drafting bankruptcy petitions. Some methods lead to better results whil…

Valuable Insights from the Trenches: Improve Your Bottom Line

George Vogl, JD | 9 Aug 2018 | Attorney Insights

In recent years, some industry experts believe that filings have finally plateaued and may begin to rebound. Despite this o…

Valuable Insights from the Trenches: Maximize Your Productivity

George Vogl, JD | 8 Aug 2018 | Attorney Insights

Having worked as a bankruptcy practitioner for more than 17 years, I’ve learned how important it is to maintain an efficien…