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December 2019 Bankruptcy Rule Amendments

George Basharis, JD | 3 Dec 2019 | Court Decisions

The U.S. Supreme Court approved amendments to the following bankruptcy rules effective December 1, 2019: Rule 4001 (obtaini…

Default on direct mortgage payments not a basis to deny discharge

George Basharis, JD | 18 Oct 2019 | Court Decisions

A bankruptcy court in Georgia rejected a chapter 13 trustee’s bid to deny debtors their discharge because the debtors defau…

Exempt assets not subject to absolute priority rule

George Basharis, JD | 13 Sep 2019 | Court Decisions

A debtor who offered $15,000 in new value to retain a home in which he had exempt equity far exceeding that amount was allo…

Offer to “Resolve” Time-Barred Debt Violates FDCPA

George Basharis, JD | 25 Apr 2019 | Court Decisions

A collection letter offering a debtor help to “resolve” a time-barred debt violated the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act,…

Debtors awarded attorney fees for challenging stay violation judgment

George Basharis, JD | 23 Jan 2019 | Court Decisions

Debtors were entitled to attorney fees for successfully challenging on appeal a bankruptcy court’s initial award of damages…