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Non-Debtor Spouse Not Allowed to “Sidestep” Homestead Cap

George Basharis J.D | 6 Mar | Court Decisions

The Fifth Circuit recently upheld a bankruptcy court ruling that a non-filing spouse was not…

Trustee Denied Equity Build Up in Homestead

George Basharis J.D | 1 Mar | Court Decisions

A bankruptcy court erred by reducing debtors’ homestead exemption by the value of nonexempt assets used by the debtors …

Fourth and Seventh Circuits Reject Debtors’ FDCPA Claims

George Basharis J.D | 12 Nov | Court Decisions

The Eleventh Circuit remains the only circuit court to hold that the filing of a timebarred debt in bankruptcy violates the…

Misrepresentation Not Required for “Actual Fraud”

George Basharis J.D | 9 Jun | Court Decisions

The U.S. Supreme Court recently held that a debtor who transferred assets from one company he controlled to other related ….

Bankruptcy Chat: Ninth Circuit Adopts Narrow Exception to Absolute Priority Rule

George Basharis J.D | 22 Mar | Court Decisions, Spotlight

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently held that the Bankruptcy Abuse…


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