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Drive, passion and an efficient practice makes Leon Jon Bonney a #BKAttyRockstar

Angela Hartford | 15 Oct | Customer Showcase

What is a Bankruptcy Attorney Rockstar? Meet Leon Jon Bonney, who takes a creative and artistic approach by leading his cli…

How One Lawyer Streamlined His Practice

Angela Hartford | 22 Mar | Customer Showcase

For a bankruptcy attorney working solo or as part of a small team, preparing and filing a client’s bankruptcy case can feel…

Gain Greater Business Agility in The Cloud

Angela Hartford | 22 Dec | Customer Showcase

Learn how two law firms shed internal servers for convenient anytime access to their office The Cloud provides greater flex…

Paralegal Students Are Learning With Best Case

Angela Hartford | 22 Oct | Customer Showcase

Amongst a struggling economy there is one area in the legal industry that is rapidly expanding and showing significant grow…

Going Paperless

Best Case | 22 Apr | Customer Showcase

See how one Best Case® Bankruptcy customer increased efficiency by going green Green is the new buzz word and in today’s wo…


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