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Help for Hurricane Harvey victims

Dave Danielson | 6 Sep | Industry News

It seems hard to believe that more than a week has passed since the initial impact of Hurricane Harvey and there are still…

There’s a big change coming to credit reports

Dave Danielson | 27 Jun | Industry News

Starting on July 1 all three credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian and Equifax – will dramatically reduce the amount of the…

The future of Best Case starts now

Dave Danielson | 3 May | Industry News

On April 20, Best Case Bankruptcy 26 was released – which added integrated court noticing and calendar functionality, enhan…

Bankruptcy Chat: Judicial Conference Approves Model Plan, Rule Amendments

George Basharis J.D | 21 Apr | Industry News, Spotlight

The U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year adopted changes to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure…

Version 26 overview

Best Case | 20 Apr | Industry News

Best Case Bankruptcy 26 is packed with innovative features to enhance case management, streamline court notices, calendar i…


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