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Did You Know: List your firm for student loan referrals

Best Case | 7 Aug | Spotlight

Looking for another source of revenue for your firm?  Thanks to the Student Loan Analyzer, you can assist current, previous…

Insights: Online calendar enhancements

Best Case | 1 Aug | Spotlight

Keep track of your essential client information including calendar, notices, and specific court dates directly from the Cli…

Bankruptcy Chat: Publication of amendments to bankruptcy rules sought

George Basharis J.D | 1 Aug | Court Decisions, Spotlight

The Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules is seeking the approval of the Judicial Conference’s Committee on Rules of Pract…

Shortcuts: 10 time-saving features worth knowing about

Best Case | 27 Jul | Spotlight

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply press a button, and magically, do what you wanted to do? It turns out there are a p…

Access any Form or Schedule in one key

Best Case | 26 Jul | Spotlight

To open a client file: Use the [up arrow] and [down arrow] keys to highlight the form and click [Enter]. To open schedules,…


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