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What is an All-in-One Bankruptcy Credit Report?

Best Case | 25 Jan 2019 | Workflow Tools

A Bankruptcy Credit Report from CIN Legal Data Services offers two or three bureaus and LexisNexis data combined and dedupe…

Valuable Insights from the Trenches: Save Time and Avoid Pacer Fees

George Vogl, JD | 7 Aug 2018 | Attorney Insights, Workflow Tools

Over time, the small tasks and expenses that seem insignificant eventually add up and impact your bottom line. Mundane duti…

View Proofs of Claim data directly in Best Case

Best Case | 9 May 2018 | Spotlight, Workflow Tools

Claim Tracker™ makes managing Proofs of Claim a more streamlined process by syncing data to the client file where you can v…

Avoid the risk of missing data

Best Case | 9 May 2018 | Spotlight, Workflow Tools

Import Tax Liens and Civil Judgments from Preferred and Premium Bankruptcy Credit Reports into the Statement of Financial A…

Five features that leave tedious and costly tasks in the past

Best Case | 9 May 2018 | Spotlight, Workflow Tools

With Court Notices and Calendar, simplify tasks to improve your efficiency. Save time, save money and access case informati…