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Shortcuts: 10 time-saving features worth knowing about

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply press a button, and magically, do what you wanted to do? It turns out there are a plethora of Best Case shortcuts that work just that way. By pressing a few keys on your keyboard you can easily select any form or schedule, update preferences, restore deleted clients, import Bankruptcy Specific Addresses and more, all while saving time, increasing productivity and reducing errors.

  1. Quickly create clients with pre-populated information
    Client Templates allow users to create new client files with specific data pre-populated. Save time and avoid redundant data entry, build as many templates as you need. Learn how to create client templates.
  2. Access any form or schedule with one key
    Quickly access Schedules A-H by typing the letter that corresponds to the former schedule. View more shortcuts.
  3. Check for spelling errors within Best Case
    In any data field, press [Ctrl]+[\] and a spell check window will display. See step-by-step instructions. 
  4. Eliminate redundant data entry with Common Text Blocks
    Store re-usable chunks of text that you can quickly insert into data-entry screens in Best Case or directly into documents in the Best Case Editor.  See how to create a common text block.
  5. Update form preferences in a few clicks
    Quickly update General and Chapter 13 form preferences without ever having to leave your current screen in Best Case. Shortcuts that make your life easier.
  6. Restore a deleted client file
    If a client file was accidentally deleted, there’s a quick way to recover it from the trash. Find out how to restore a deleted client file.
  7. Save hours by importing creditor schedules from another client
    Using the Import Creditors from Client File in Best Case® Bankruptcy, you can easily copy any creditor from your existing client files. View importing instructions.
  8. Import Bankruptcy Specific Addresses to avoid renoticing
    When importing a Bankruptcy Credit Report, there are four different options that allow you to specify how to treat Bankruptcy Specific Addresses (BSA) and Credit Reporting Addresses (BRA). Learn which option is best for you.
  9. Common Creditor List vs. Creditors Listed on D, E, F
    When adding non-debtor address information (i.e. creditors, co-debtors, additional notice parties, etc.) you have two auto-fill options indicated by the buttons next to the address fields: The Common Creditor Lists and the Creditors Listed on D, E, F. Read about the difference.
  10. Mass-deselect amended checkmarks on forms
    Remove all checks from the amended checkboxes at one time. You might use this feature if you have a large case and are creating a second amendment to a form, and want to clear the previously selected amended items. See how to remove all amended checkmarks.

As a Bonus Tip: Watch the associated webinar recording for this blog post. 

With time-saving features every step of the way,  Best Case provides everything you need to make case preparation and e-filing quicker, easier and more accurate.

As a reminder, you can always access more information, shortcuts, and other time-saving features directly from your Best Case Bankruptcy software.

  1. Click on Help on the top tool bar.
  2. Select Help Index
  3. Type a keyword into the search bar to view a list of relevant answers to your question.