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What is an All-in-One Bankruptcy Credit Report?

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A Bankruptcy Credit Report from CIN Legal Data Services offers two or three bureaus and LexisNexis data combined and deduped in an easy-to-read format. These reports are developed specifically for bankruptcy attorneys and can save your firm an average of 60-90 minutes per case.

Eliminate the tedious and time consuming task of analyzing and comparing a free credit report from every bureau. An all-in-one Bankruptcy Credit Report consolidates and merges creditors, while still citing the source where this information was discovered.

“By importing the credit report into Best Case, I do not need to type all of the addresses, account numbers and balances owed.”

Allan S. Williams | Williams Law Group, A.P.C.

Beginning in 2017, civil judgments and tax liens data stopped being reported on the free credit reports from all three of the major reporting bureaus. Preferred and Premium Bankruptcy Credit Reports have always included this additional data, which is provided by LexisNexis. Save time by avoiding the arduous task of searching and compiling this supplemental data by accessing it in one report directly from Best Case.

Bankruptcy Credit Reports can include current and predictive credit scores. Predictive credit scores use Creditxpert to predict what your client’s credit score will be one year post-filing. This feature helps your client better understand the benefits of bankruptcy.


Additionally, if you have a client who is filing jointly, you can pull one report with both debtors. The owner of the debt, creditor and claim information is clearly labeled allowing you to quickly view which tradelines belong to the debtor and/or co-debtor.


Importing Bankruptcy Credit Report data will save your firm time. The creditor data in each report can be imported into the appropriate forms and schedules within Best Case. Quickly view details for each tradeline and assign claims to a schedule in a couple of clicks. Easily exclude claims that have a $0 balance and/or status of paid. This efficient process removes data-entry errors, consolidates the claims automatically and prevents the possibility of human error when entering creditor information.


Download the quick start guide or view helpful webinars and videos that explain how to integrate Bankruptcy Credit Reports and other products into your workflow. Save your firm time and money by ordering a Bankruptcy Credit Report for your next client.

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