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Predictive Post-Bankruptcy Credit Scores

Show your clients the possible benefit of bankruptcy with predictive post-bankruptcy scores.

When a client is ready to file bankruptcy, they are stressed, concerned and nervous. They often do not know what their next step is or how the bankruptcy process works. Give your clients peace of mind about filing by showing them a possible benefit of bankruptcy. Current and predictive post-bankruptcy scores* from CreditXpert are exclusively provided in Premium and Preferred Bankruptcy Credit Reports from CIN Legal Data Services. No other service provides you this Credit Score Analysis data.

“Clients are usually surprised that their credit score will probably increase in 12 months. Most people think that filing bankruptcy dooms them forever.”

Clay F. Olmstead | Clay F. Olmstead P.C.

Predictive scores are based on advanced statistical techniques and sophisticated analytical methods. This feature will give clients a peek into the future by showing them their potential credit score 12 months post-bankruptcy. Predictive post-bankruptcy scores are available on single or joint debtor Bankruptcy Credit Reports.

Show your clients the possible benefit of bankruptcy with predictive post-bankruptcy scores.

The Credit Score Analysis calculates the potential score impact of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. This simulation assumes that three months after filing, except for student loans and mortgages, all debt is discharged. It adds an open, revolving credit card with a $500 credit limit two months after discharge, and then maintains a balance of $300 on that card for 10 months. The final score is calculated one year after the bankruptcy discharge.

The Credit Score Analysis assumes on time, monthly payments will be made for mortgages and student loans, and zero-balance credit accounts will be closed by creditors at the time of discharge.

The predictive post-bankruptcy score is a great tool to turn a prospective debtor into a retained client. If you believe a client would be a good candidate for bankruptcy, order a Bankruptcy Credit Report to view the predictive post-bankruptcy score and reassure them that bankruptcy is a beneficial option.

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  • *Scores and score changes predicted by CreditXpert products are only estimates and are not guaranteed. CreditXpert Inc. does not represent that CreditXpert Credit Scores™ are identical or similar to credit scores produced by any other company. CreditXpert Inc. is not associated with Fair Isaac Corporation. CreditXpert Inc. is not a credit counseling or a credit repair organization.