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Save with Bankruptcy-Specific Addresses

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Access bankruptcy-department addresses for streamlined delivery of creditor notices

Don’t waste time researching bankruptcy-specific creditor mailing addresses. With a Preferred or Premium Bankruptcy Credit Report from CIN Legal Data Services, you will receive verified bankruptcy-department addresses for a majority of creditors. This will save you time and money by reducing returned mail and the cost of reprocessing and renoticing documents.

“By having Bankruptcy-Specific Addresses, our undeliverable mail notices have gone down significantly, which means the creditors are receiving the notices properly and in a timely manner, and we are doing less work later by not needing to track down proper addresses.”

Elizabeth Norby | Kain & Scott

The Bankruptcy-Specific Address database contains more than 10,000 addresses. It is audited weekly by the team at CIN Legal Data Services based on creditor frequency, type and recency to ensure the bankruptcy office of the creditor has not relocated. Since January 2018, there have been more than 8,500 updates to the creditor address database.

“Our process starts with pulling a list of the 3,000 most frequent creditors to appear on a Bankruptcy Credit Report in the last 12 months,” says Josh Jezsik, Director of Customer Service. “We focus on the oldest creditors first, typically consisting of creditors with no verified address or an address slightly older than a year. Our team researches the creditor and updates the system.”

George Vogl, Senior Product Specialist at Best Case, recommends customizing your creditor address import settings in Best Case Bankruptcy. He advises attorneys to use the setting, Import BSA as Creditor Address and Notice BRA . Vogl says, “When you notify the BSA (Bankruptcy-Specific Address) and the BRA (Bureau-Reported Address), it is very difficult for creditors to argue that insufficient notice was given.”

To update your import preferences, click Setup > Credit Reports > Import Options. Then, you can select how you would like your BSA and BRA to be imported and used in Best Case.

Navigating to import selection screen

Download the Quick Start Guide or view helpful webinars and videos that explain how to integrate Bankruptcy Credit Reports and other products into your workflow. Save your firm time and money by ordering a Bankruptcy Credit Report for your next client.

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