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Skip Debtor Verification Questions

Skip debtor verification questions with a site visit.

Interruptions in progress and delays in importing the data you need can be frustrating. Save valuable minutes on every case by eliminating the questions to authenticate a debtor’s identity when ordering a Bankruptcy Credit Report through Best Case.

When you order a Bankruptcy Credit Report by CIN Legal Data Services, you will be prompted to answer authentication questions about your client’s credit history.

“The questions are derived from a number of sources, including the information contained in your [client’s] credit report… The questions are multiple choice and may ask you to recall information such as the name of a lender, the date an account was opened, the monthly payment on an account, or a previous address.”

According to Experian

Two attempts are allowed to answer the questions correctly, and this can open the door for inefficiencies. If unsuccessful, you must manually verify your client’s identity by faxing or emailing an authorization form. Almost 16,000 manual verifications for Bankruptcy Credit Reports have been submitted to CIN Legal Data Services in the last year. Don’t let this additional step slow you down.

Skip debtor verification questions with a site visit.

To eliminate the Debtor Authentication Process, schedule a short, bureau-mandated site visit, which is conducted by a third-party. A site visit is a one-time $50 payment by credit card.

During the 20 minute (or shorter) visit, a representative will ensure you have the following security requirements in place:

  • Offices located in a commercial building
  • Locks on office doors and file cabinets
  • Use of a shredder to destroy confidential information
  • Use of password-protected computers and anti-virus software

Minutes count when your caseload is heavy. Don’t let authentication questions slow down your workflow. Schedule a quick bureau-mandated site visit to avoid authenticating a debtor’s identity. More than 1,200 firms have already eliminated this step when ordering a Bankruptcy Credit Report through Best Case, and you can too.

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