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Gain Greater Business Agility in The Cloud

Learn how two law firms shed internal servers for convenient anytime access to their office

The Cloud provides greater flexibility and accessibility for law firms. Today, attorneys are being asked to do more while being mobile, and the Cloud allows just that. According to a recent survey by North Bridge Venture Partners about the Future of Cloud Computing, companies are accelerating their trust in Cloud solutions, with 50 percent of respondents confident that Cloud solutions are viable for mission critical business applications.

Michael Greiner of the Financial Law Group, P.C. in Warren, Michigan was eager to take the first step and free his office from the physical constraints of hardware and software, when Wolters Kluwer Law & Business announced that Best Case Bankruptcy was supported on the Cloud with CyberlinkASP. “Our server was a constant problem. When we fixed one thing, something else seemed to go wrong,” says Greiner. The need for stable access was also a motivating factor, since one of Greiner’s support personnel works from home. “LogMeIn® and VPN access were not reliable enough, as the connection frequently dropped,” he explains.

Greiner was looking to move to a Cloud environment and this offering provided a solution to his problems. “We decided to move our entire office to the Cloud with the help of CyberlinkASP,” says Greiner. “We no longer need a server, since all of our computers are hooked up to the internet to access our office virtually.”

The Financial Law Group, P.C. has been in the Cloud for over a month now and has already started to see the benefits. Recently, Greiner had to appear in Court for most of the day. Since the Court had WiFi access, he was able to pull out his iPad® and start working. “I didn’t have to lose the whole day because I had to be in Court,” says Greiner.

Anthony Adolf of Fort Wayne, Indiana also saw value in putting his entire office on the Cloud with CyberlinkASP. “I didn’t think about the Cloud, until your partnership announcement,” says Adolf. “I was in the process of relocating my office, so it seemed like the perfect time to move in this direction.”

Adolf has been with CyberlinkASP for over one month and is pleased with his decision to move to the Cloud. The transition to a new system is never easy, but CyberlinkASP made the setup convenient with support available 24/7. “They troubleshoot and address issues quickly,” says Adolf. Plus the Cloud eliminates the need to worry about backing up files. “I know that my work is safe and my software is always up to date,” says Adolf.


There are a variety of benefits to moving to the Cloud, including ease of access, convenience, budget and platform.

Ease of Access–Being able to access information is key for any small business, especially for attorneys that are required to make regular appearances in Court. Greiner says, “I have a small practice and when I get stuck in Court, I can login and get 100% upto-speed, with real-time access to my files.”

Convenience–The Cloud puts hardware and software in the hands of the host provider not yours. “I practice law, I’m not a computer guy. Now I can focus on what I do best,” says Greiner. Server and software updates are no longer time-consuming events for Greiner and his office. He knows he is always using the most up-to-date applications.

Budget–By having access through CyberlinkASP, Greiner knows exactly what he will be paying every month. There are no costly surprises due to faulty hardware or necessary upgrades. “When I managed my own server, depending on what would happen, I would be over budget some months due to unforeseen costs.”

Platform–The option to access Best Case on any operating system (PC or Mac) is another key advantage. With the Cloud, you can now access Best Case from any web-enabled device including an iPad.


It doesn’t matter how you access it, Best Case operates the same. “The great thing is how little difference there is in the way I use Best Case. You would almost think it is on a server right in the office,” says Greiner. Adolf feels the same, “I can easily access all my applications, sometimes even faster than when I had a physical server in my office.”

Smartphones and tablets have made people more mobile and in turn has changed the way people work. This fast-paced life pushes us for a need to access work at anytime from anywhere.

Cloud computing embraces this new way of working by being able to have greater business agility without the shackles of cumbersome hardware. Plus, by putting IT in the hands of the experts, it allows you to free up time to do what you do best, practice law.

Best Case has partnered with CyberlinkASP to offer a tested and secure web-based hosting solution for all your office applications including Best Case Bankruptcy. Moving to the Cloud with CyberlinkASP is simple. No set-up fee, just a fixed monthly fee per user. Learn more.