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3 Solutions to Troubleshooting an Update

It is important to manually update your Best Case Bankruptcy software to ensure you are always filing with the correct forms and figures. Since the launch of Version 27, there have been 55 releases that included updates to 220 federal or local forms and 139 Chapter 13 plans. Avoid filing with outdated forms and figures, watch this video to learn how to update. However, updating does not always go as planned, and errors can arise. There are three common errors that occur when updating Best Case.

  1. Files are in use
  2. Decompression error
  3. Patch error

Files in Use error

When you receive this error, users may be in the software while you are trying to update it. To solve this issue, make sure all users are out of Best Case and all files related to Best Case are closed.

If this error is still occurring, files may be held open on the host computer. If this is the case, close the open files through Computer Management. This can be found by searching “Computer Management” in your computer’s settings menu. Open Computer Management, select the shared folders, select open files and close any Best Case files shown. These steps should alleviate any Files in Use errors that you may receive.

Decompression error

A decompression error occurs when there is not enough space on the selected drive to update. Best Case requires at least 120 MB to run most updates.
To continue updating in the selected drive, clear at least 120 MB of space. Otherwise, Best Case can be moved to a new drive on the current computer, or a different computer with more space.
If space is not the issue, you may have anti-virus software blocking Best Case files. There are a couple of ways to sidestep anti-virus software:

  1. Temporarily disable the anti-virus software
  2. Create exclusions for the Best Case folder or files in your anti-virus software

Patch error

A patch error is usually due to poor internet connection or anti-virus interference. This error is most easily remedied by running a reinstall.

Read detailed step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the above errors. Have an issue that is not addressed? Our technical support and customer service teams are available for calls and emails Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5:30 pm CT. Call us at 800.492.8037 or email us at