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The fastest way to file: Draft a petition in 30 minutes

Competitors brag about filing a case in an hour with their bankruptcy software. With Best Case, you can draft a petition in 30 minutes, and we’ll tell you exactly how. From setting your team up with efficiency tools to preparing a petition the quickest way, learn everything you need to cut that hour in half.

Use a method proven to work

Senior Product Specialist George Vogl, longtime Best Case user and consumer bankruptcy practitioner for 17 years, shares his proven strategy for drafting a petition in just 30 minutes. Using the tools and features already built into Best Case, you’ll speed through drafting a petition without sacrificing quality.

In this blog post, learn key tips to:

  • Set up your team to be as efficient as possible, like using dual monitors, examining your intake process and more.
  • Prepare your files to increase productivity, such as using templates and adding credit counseling information to Form 101.
  • Draft in a specific order to maximize efficiency. George shares his 10 steps!

More ways to beat the clock

At Best Case, we know time is money, and giving you the solutions you need to save both is a top goal of our bankruptcy software. Equipping you with 10 time-saving features worth knowing and 5 features that leave tedious and costly tasks in the past are just some of the ways you can increase efficiency and apply time saved to other important areas of your business.

Don’t just read about it – see it!

In a recent webinar, George guided attendees through the framework for preparing a petition in 30 minutes or less. See time-saving Best Case features in action and how to incorporate them into your petition drafting process in the recording of Petition Drafting for Speed and Accuracy.