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Featured Spotlight: Court Notice and Calendar Integration

Easily manage the tedious and costly process of organizing and downloading CM/ECF Court Notices, directly from Best Case. In a few easy steps, set up your account to begin viewing Court emails, PDFs and upcoming Bankruptcy Events for your clients–all at no additional cost to your firm.

1. In a client file, select Court Notices in the top toolbar.

2. Click the Setup Court Notices button.

3. You will be redirected to a web browser. Complete the information and click CREATE ACCOUNT.

4. Click ADD NEW CM/ECF LOGIN to enter credentials for any districts you file in that aren’t already listed. Click Continue.

Note: Some districts require you to contact them in order for Best Case to capture your Court Notices. Learn More

Some districts only allow for one Free Look document per CM/ECF account. This means you may no longer be able to access Free Looks from your primary email account if you activate the Court Notice feature. Learn More

5. Set up your One-Way Calendar Sync. Click Setup. Select Continue to continue later.
Note: This feature allows you to push events to another internet calendar automatically.

6. Click Invite User to invite additional staff or click  Continue.

7. Connect your Best Case Software to your court notices and calendar. Copy the Access Code and paste it into Best Case.
NOTE: If you are on network license, only one Access Code is necessary in Best Case. Select the “I already have an access code” checkbox if one already exists.

8. Congrats! You are now on your way to saving time and money with Court Notices and Calendar!

You must have an active Best Case maintenance plan to sign up for Court Notices.
Court Notices is not supported in the Eastern District of California.