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Insights: Manage Billing Inside Best Case

The new Client Overview section of Best Case Bankruptcy 26 allows users to track billing, fees and expenses all without leaving Best Case

1. In a client file, click Overview.

2. A window will pop up displaying pertinent information for this particular client. Select Client Setup.

a. Alternately, in the Overview tab, you can hover and select on Billing and Fees.

3. From the Client Setup tab, you can manage billing and fees as well as payments on the right side of the window

4.  Add and manage your Quoted Rate

a. Select from: Flat Fee, Hourly, Pro Bono, Discounted and Retainer.

b. For Hourly, the total Balance Owned is strictly reflective of additional expenses.

c. For Flat Fee, Pro Bono, Discounted and Retainer, the Quoted Rate box must be filled out to be reflected in the Total Balance Owed.

5. Select Export Billing Data to easily export as a CVS file for importing into other software applications.