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Master the Chapter 13 Plan Calculator in 5 Steps

Quickly determine plan payments for your clients, saving you and your staff hours of time, with the flexible Chapter 13 Plan Calculator in Best Case. Easily calculate regular or step plan payments, or calculate the distribution to unsecured general non-priority claims based on a projected plan payment.

By following the steps below, you’ll be able to prepare and calculate a Chapter 13 Plan accurately and confidently.

  1. Classify your claims
  2. Chapter 13 Plan treatment classifications determine how and when your claims are paid in the plan. Additionally, they control where the data appears on the physical plan.

    • Classify claims from the 13 Plan Treatment tab of the creditor schedules or from the Claims tab of the Chapter 13 Plan Calculator.
    • Use Chapter 13 Plan Data Maps to assist with determining which plan treatments classifications to select.
    • To include Schedule G claims on a plan, enter a “dummy” creditor from Schedule D and select Do Not Print Total and Exclude from Mailing Matrix checkboxes.

  3. Enter additional plan data
  4. For select jurisdictions, additional data entry may be required via the Local Plan Treatment and/or the 13 Plan Info buttons. The Other Provisions tab is available for all jurisdictions, but it is optional.

    • The Local Plan Treatment button is accessible from the lower-left of the 13 Plan Treatment tab for the creditor and affects the section of the plan where the specified classification is listed.
    • The 13 Plan Info button is accessible from the upper-right of the Chapter 13 Plan Calculator and affects general sections of the plan.
    • Other Provisions is accessible from the last tab of the Chapter 13 Plan Calculator and affects the Other Provisions section of the plan.

  5. Calculate the plan
  6. The Chapter 13 Plan Calculator makes it easy to determine regular or step plan payments. Best Case factors the payment order, method and amount based on the Plan Treatment classifications specified for each claim. Once a plan is calculated, view a summary and detailed breakout of the plan payments.

    • Calculate plans with up to 12 payment steps and 12 lump sum payments.
    • Plan payments can be calculated based on term and distribution to UGEN debt.
    • Distribution to UGEN debt can be calculated based on term and a projected plan payment.
    • UGEN amount can be determined by percent or flat dollar amount, with or without interest.

  7. Modify form preferences
  8. Each Chapter 13 Plan has a set of form preferences that controls how the plan is formatted. These preferences may include, but are not limited to, settings that round calculations or include/exclude special provisions or sections of the plan. Many are based on formatting requests specifically made by a judge or trustee for a specific jurisdiction.

    • Right click on the Chapter 13 Plan Form and select Preferences > Form.
    • The formatting for all Chapter 13 Plans for that jurisdiction is affected by this global setting.
    • Form Preferences may vary by jurisdiction.
    • All Chapter 13 Plans contain a Permanent Other Provisions preference for standard provisions that are not specific to client or case.

  9. Make custom edits to the forms if necessary
  10. Once all calculations have been made and you’ve previewed the form, confirm any final edits to the plan. If modifications are required, use the Best Case Editor to make custom edits. This built-in word processor is ideal for text or formatting changes and contains additional tools, such as spell check and word count.

    • Right click on the Chapter 13 Plan form and select Edit Form.
    • Custom editing is ideal for text or formatting changes.
    • If the editing affects calculations, you’ll need to manually calculate and update the form.
    • Make custom editing the last step of the process to avoid calculation issues.

Want to learn more about calculating the Chapter 13 plan? Watch the Chapter 13 Plan Boot Camp Webinar.

Not using the Chapter 13 Plan Calculator? Verify you are using the latest version of your jurisdiction’s Chapter 13 Plan. See what’s included with the Chapter 13 Plan option for your jurisdiction.