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Release Notes – June 8, 2018

Revised Chapter 13 Plan:

Southern District of New York – effective April 2018*


New Local Forms:

Central District of California
  • Order Granting Denying Application of Attorney for Debtor for Allowance of Fees and Expenses Following Dismissal or Conversion of Chapter 13 Case Subject to a Rights and Responsibilities Agreement – F3015-1.19* (F1)
  • Order Granting Denying Motion to Commence Loan Modification Management Program – LMM 4001-1.6* (F1)
  • Order Regarding Motion to Extend Loan Modification Management Period – LMM 4001-1.6* (F1)
  • Certification of Loan Modification Management Eligibility and Readiness – LMM 4001-1.6* (F1)
  • Order Substituting LMM Servicer – LMM 4001-1.6*(F1)
  • Pro Se Debtor Request for Loan Modification Management Assistance – LMM 4001-1.6*(F1)


New Exemption:

District of Minnesota
  • Homestead and Personal Property Exemption Adjusted for Inflation Eff. 7/1/2018

*Requires Purchase of local 13 plan or forms package. Visit our local forms page for pricing.