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Release Notes – October 12, 2017

Revised Local Form(s) in the following Jurisdiction(s):

    • Eastern District of Washington
      • Statement of Witness to Signing of Document – Effective July 2017

New Features:

Best Case Bankruptcy
      • Additional Attorney Information – Each attorney can now store CM/ECF login information. A unique phone number and email address can also be stored to be displayed on the petition .
      • General Bankruptcy Course Information – Easily provide your clients with information that explains the required pre and post-filing counseling courses.
Court Notices and Calendar*
      • User Specific Calendars – The calendar is now setup to filter and sync calendars based on specific users. You may be required to select your CM/ECF credentials upon login.
      • Document Viewer – The default zoom in the Document Viewer has been increased to 70% for easier viewing.
        • General Updates
          • Client Deletion: If a client is deleted in Best Case, the synced client is also deleted in the Court Notices & Calendar.
          • Office Location Indication: A new step has been added to Setup where office location can be selected.

You must register separately for a Court Notices and Calendar account to access these free online features – see how Court Notices is not supported in the Eastern District of California.


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