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Release Notes – September 11, 2017

New Features:*

Best Case Bankruptcy
  • Client Overview
    • Billable Expenses – Easily organize billable and non-billable expenses for each client. Add Expense or double click on an existing one in the Client Setup tab then select the check box Bill to Client within the Expense Detail.
      Simply select Bill to Client within the Expense Detail pop-up window to add a billable expense.
    • Balance Owed – View Billing and Fees within the Client Setup window, which now includes the quoted rate plus any billable expense, minus the payments already made.
    • Calendar Syncing – Dates will sync to the online calendar without displaying a loading icon.
      Calendar Sync update for 1.3
    • General Updates – Added Select All and Clear All buttons within the Client Docs tab.
      Added Select All and Clear All buttons within the Client Documents window.


Court Notices and Calendar**
  • Schedule Recurring Events – Users will now be able to add a recurring option to any current or new calendar event.
  • Schedule All-Day Events – Conveniently schedule all-day events within the calendar.
  • Added Event Creator – View who created events and meetings on the calendar including those auto-populated by the system.
    Oversee who generated the original events
  • Quick Add – Easily add new events to the Calendar without leaving the current screen by selecting Add New Event.
    Easily add new events to the Calendar
  • General Updates – Password strength and validation has been improved to include:
    • 8 or more characters
    • Using both letters and numbers
    • Does not include consecutively repeated characters
    • After several incorrect password attempts, specific IP address will be locked out of Court Notices for 5-minutes.
    • User accounts can now only be locked by Court Notice firm administrators.

* Court Notices is not supported in the Eastern District of California
** You must register separately for a Court Notices and Calendar account to access these free online features. See how.


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