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Release Notes – November 15, 2017 (Version 27)


New Features:

Court Notices and Calendar
Claim Tracker
  • Track Claim Amount Discrepancies: Claim Tracker flags when the filed amount and Proof of Claim amounts are different.
  • Stop Chasing Claims: No need to check various folders or email inboxes, all Proofs of Claims and filed claims are in one view.
  • Benefit Your Client: Identify claims that were filed after the bar date or that don’t have a Proof of Claim.
  • Add Your Own Info: Stay on top of next steps or tasks by adding Office Notes to a claim.
  • Data Import: Essential Proof of Claim data is imported into the creditors’ schedule.
Updated Interface and Design
  • Get the information you need quicker: A much more user-friendly design allows for quick client and calendar access all while being mobile-responsive.
Case Details and Dates
  • Track important dates via mobile: The Case Details page now shows important case dates that were entered into the Best Case Desktop installation.
Best Case Bankruptcy
Enhanced Case Management
  • Client Overview Report: Grab a snapshot of important information. Use this report to prep for client meetings, on-the-go to court or for your own records.
  • More Client Information: The Overview tab has been updated to show all Client Phone numbers.
  • View Case Dates on-the-go: Using the Court Notices & Calendar, you can now see Case Dates from your desktop software online.
  • Automate Activity Tracking: Best Case now makes automated Activity Feed entries for various Case Updates, including status changes, Notes, filings, and more!
  • Take Notes with you: Export Notes and Activity Log entries to Excel for easy use with your billing practices or other accounting software.
  • Client Document List: Provide your clients with a document checklist, now branded with your Firm Name.
Client File Templates
  • Improved Template Workflow: Easily manage Templates from the Create NEW Client File screen. Use the Template tab to add, modify, clone or delete Templates.
  • Default Chapter 7 Template: Use this template to eliminate some of the manual data entry in the Schedules, or customize it based on your office’s preferences.
Refreshed Best Case Tips
  • Thirty new daily tips with an updated layout for a more interactive look and feel.

National and Local Chapter 13 Plans*:

Best Case is the go-to source for the latest federal and local Chapter 13 forms. With Version 27, Best Case will have the latest version of your districts Chapter 13 Plan, whether that be a Local Plan or the new National Plan. Click here to view a list of jurisdictions affected. 

You must register separately for a Court Notices and Calendar account to access these free online features – see how.  Court Notices is not supported in the Eastern District of California. Claim Tracker is not supported in the Eastern District of North Carolina.
*Requires purchase of local 13 plan or forms package. Visit our local forms page for pricing.