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Shortcuts: Print All Forms with a New Button

Review all your documents with ease using a new ‘Print All’ button.

1. In a Client File, click Print All.
Note: To deselect all the forms, select [Shift]+[Spacebar] at the same time.

2. An additional window will pop up displaying your current print options.

a. From the Print Tab:

i. Select: This button allows you to choose a printer and specify printer options such as the paper tray, etc.

ii. Print: Sends the selected documents to the printer.

iii. Preview: Used to view documents on the screen before printing.

iv. ECFiling: Used to create files for Electronic Filing (Note: You will be able to view your files before submitting them to the court’s website).

v. Options: Select alternative document options to add to your selected form.

b. From the Merge Tab: This tab allows you to merge documents into Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect for editing and printing.

c. From the Privacy Tab:  This tab allows you to select your privacy settings.

3. Select print to continue.