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Valuable Insights from the Trenches: Save Time and Avoid Pacer Fees

Over time, the small tasks and expenses that seem insignificant eventually add up and impact your bottom line. Mundane duties such as saving documents and managing your calendar may only take a few minutes per day but over the course of a year, those minutes translate to days of lost productivity.

Not to mention, you may be paying a support worker premium wages to complete these tasks. To add to the expenses, PACER charges $.10 per page to view Court documents. For a medium or high-volume filer, this can amount to $100s to $1000s of wasted fees.

Access to an essential set of tools to solve these issues and more is already included in your Best Case license, so it costs you nothing additional to use. Court Notices and Calendar automatically downloads your Court notices and Free Looks, eliminating costly PACER fees. Plus, easily track and manage bankruptcy events and deadlines, Proofs of Claim, and Court documents.

Signup is easy and included in your Best Case license for no additional cost.

To sign up for Court Notices and Calendar*, click the Court Notices button in the top toolbar and follow the simple steps.

See step-by-step instructions

Court Notices

Court Notices is a Best Case online tool that captures all of your Court notices and Free Looks. In addition, bankruptcy-specific events such as 341 Meetings and Confirmation Hearings are automatically populated to the online calendar. These notices and events are then synced to your client file and saved online for easy and repetitive access. The system doesn’t work retroactively, so set it up immediately.

  • Revisit and review all of your Court notices without incurring PACER fees
  • Notices are synced to the specific client file for easy access
  • No more toggling between Best Case and PACER to find documents

View a step-by-step video tutorial

Online Calendar

Once Court Notices is set up, all bankruptcy events and deadlines automatically post to your Best Case Online Calendar. View a list of Calendar Rules. This calendar can be synced to your personal or practice calendar if you are using Outlook, Gmail or another iCal compatible calendar.

  • Reduce need for manual docketing of events or deadlines
  • Decrease risk of data-entry error or failure to docket
  • Automated syncing allows for consolidation to one calendar
  • Check calendar availability for other users within firm
  • Similar events are grouped together to simplify your calendar view
  • Attach documents to events for easy reference

View a step-by-step video tutorial

Claim Tracker™

Eliminate the manual work of tracking, matching and indicating different claim amounts. Claim Tracker captures all Proofs of Claim scheduled in a case along with the standard and government claims bar dates.

  • Free Looks of claims and attachments are saved, so revisiting them is free
  • Post-deadline review of claims can be done at a glance
  • Easily identify late claims and amount discrepancies for objections
  • Data is synced to the Best Case desktop and can be accessed from creditor schedules

View a step-by-step video tutorial

Document Storage

Save your important client and case documents to a central and secure location. Upload documents from your local computer and access documents automatically saved by Court Notices.

  • Unlimited document storage lets you keep all important case files together
  • Easily upload documents via drag and drop or select from a file browser
  • Manually select files to download

View a step-by-step video tutorial

File Cabinet™

Automatically save your online Court notice documents to a local or network location. You can easily set this up once your Court Notices account is created. Only one user needs to set up File Cabinet for the firm.

  • Your documents are saved locally, so you can access your Court notices offline
  • Provides a free backup to further avoid PACER fees
  • Specify how often your documents are synced (daily or weekly)

View a step-by-step video tutorial

Now that you’ve learned about the Court Notice and Calendar features, you’re ready to sign up and try it out. Start saving on PACER fees and keep your Court notice emails, documents and events organized!

Want to learn more about Court Notices and Calendar?

Register for the Beyond the Desktop webinar to see how it can save you time and help manage your every day tasks.

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George Vogl, JD

Meet George:

George Vogl joined Best Case as a Senior Product Specialist in early 2018 after practicing consumer bankruptcy for seventeen years, most recently as a managing partner of one of Chicago’s largest bankruptcy firms. As a longtime Best Case user, George is committed to sharing his knowledge of best practices and efficiency tips with customers to help them maximize the benefits of their software.

* You must have an active Best Case maintenance plan to sign up for Court Notices. Court Notices is not supported in the Eastern District of California. Claim Tracker is not supported in the Eastern District of North Carolina.