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Version 26 overview

Best Case Bankruptcy 26 is packed with innovative features to enhance case management, streamline court notices, calendar important events and analyze student loans all within a modernized interface.

Manage client information with ease:  Checking different places for client data –Outlook for contact info, Excel for fees, Best Case for the case number and a desk calendar for upcoming court dates? Are you having staff members jump between numerous programs to add, update, delete or duplicate client data? This tedious process is time-consuming, causing possible errors with the constant back-and-forth.

Version 26’s revitalized Client Overview section allows users to distinguish the essential information.  Track client-supplied documents, manage client billing, organize client communication, identify the lead source of a new client and much more all without leaving the Best Case software.

Let’s take a second to talk about court notices:  Many firms, like your own, have spent countless hours manually managing Court Notices. A majority of these firms would often have someone dedicate a large part of their day to process, download, create tasks, calendar and forward court notice emails to the correct party.  Let’s not forget about those pesky PACER fees and Free Looks.  A 15-day window seems short, especially for those who process court notices alongside other office emails–getting lost in the overfilled inbox and let’s face it, sometimes people forget to actually save their Free Look.

Eliminate the hassle with this new built-in feature that downloads, stores and organizes documents for each case filed. With Version 26, Best Case users will eliminate the time-intensive and costly tasks that go hand-in-hand with processing court emails. Free Looks are automatically downloaded and are accessible from then on for free. The best part, bankruptcy events are automatically populated and synced to any calendar of your choice.

This calendar, that calendar, his calendar, her calendar… When it comes to court dates, a majority of firm staff add court dates to their own personal calendars, schedule it on the attorney’s calendar, add it to Best Case, and maybe even add it to a paper desk calendar.

Eliminate the administrative time spent entering dates into multiple programs. Version 26 provides an easy way to keep track of all dates and deadlines related to bankruptcy cases. View your meetings, deadlines, and court dates from Best Case or use the one-time sync feature to automatically update your primary calendar.

Tackle the taboo of student loans: A growing number bankruptcy filers are affected by educational debt. Due to the legal complexity, there wasn’t an easy way to determine what to do — until now. Expand your practice and assist those clients in need with the help of Best Case’s Student Loan Analyzer.

This exclusive tool will help analyze your individual client’s student loan information and provide unique solutions on how to tackle the debt.  Utilize built-in databases such as the Jurisdictional Scorecard™ to explore statistics for dischargeability based on jurisdiction, circuit and by the judge; with the Institutional Lookup, get access to a school’s cost of attendance (COS) and accreditation status. Plus, access sample complaint and motion templates to help with filing.

Take a sneak peek at these exclusive features by downloading a demo of Version 26 today!
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