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Key Factors in Choosing Your Bankruptcy Software

There are several bankruptcy form preparation software packages on the market today, and they vary greatly in their capabilities and design. We know that to really save you time, your software needs to be fast, flexible, easy to use, and packed with time-saving features.

Best Case Bankruptcy is the industry leading bankruptcy form preparation and electronic filing software solutions for these reasons:

Free Training:
Best Case Bankruptcy is intuitive and easy to use; however, we understand that every user is unique and learns in different ways. As a result, we offer training is several different formats and, best of all, its free! Please visit the support page for more information.
Best Case Publications:
When you start your partnership with Best Case, you will be connected to a network of bankruptcy information, practice tips, and software best pracitices through our complimentary publications. They include Around the Circuits, a bankrutpcy blog, Spotlight an e-newsletter for Best Case customers, and Scenarios, our quarterly newsletter for customers.
Local Forms:
Best Case Bankrutpcy includes more local forms than any other bankruptcy form preparation software! Visit our local forms page to view a full list of our local forms for your district!
Superior Support and Services
Each license of Best Case includes one year of the maintenance agreement. Maintenance covers toll-free technical support, automatic updates to forms features and data, as well as the use of webservices like OneTouch Electronic Filing. When Means Test figures change or forms are revised, you won't need to spend a day gathering information from several government websites, you can simply Check for Update!
Advanced Electronic Filing System
From automating initial case filing, to paying fees online, and even scanning in documents with physical signatures, Best Case Bankruptcy includes a complete electronic filing system. First, we'll help you prepare your files according to your court's requirements,then you can review and scan in any supplemental documents that you wish and OneTouch Electronic Filing will be ready to file your case on the court's website! Now, you can even file Form 23 with OneTouch!

We listen to our Customers:

Our software, like the bankruptcy landscape itself, is constantly changing to adapt to the requirements of the court and attorneys. Form, feature or improvment requests can be submitted through the Feedback and Suggestions page or by calling us at 800.492.8037.