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Frequently Asked Questions:

Design of Program Available Packages/Licensing/Updates Switching is Simple System Requirements Support

Design of Program

Is it easy to learn the program?

Best Case is designed to be easy to use and most customers are able to begin effectively using the software right away. For those customers who would like a more guided introduction to the software, Best Case also offers "The Basics of Best Case Bankruptcy", a complimentary Online Seminar. Click on Online Seminars for more information or to register for a seminar.

Is it easy to navigate through the program?

In Best Case® Bankruptcy, your choices are clearly laid out at each step. In fact, the main reason people choose Best Case Bankruptcy over the competition is that our software is so much easier to use. We also provide for you the opportunity to download our demo, so you can see for yourself! Download our Demo

Is there a Common Creditor List?

Best Case Bankruptcy allows you to save the names and addresses of creditors that you encounter frequently for use with each case. You can access this list from any of the creditor schedules, Schedule G (contracts and lease parties) Schedule H (codebtors) the Statement of Financial Affairs, the List of Equity Security Holders, and Schedule I for common employers. If you are switching from a competing program your common creditor information can be converted to the Best Case format.

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Available Packages/Licensing/Updates

Can I get just the chapters I need?

You have several package options with Best Case Bankruptcy: Chapter 7-only, Chapters 7 and 13, and an All Chapters package available in both single and multi user versions. And while under our maintenance plan, you can add chapters or upgrade to a multi-user license for just the difference in price between packages. For more information visit our Packaging & Pricing page.

What is the return policy?

Best Case has a 60-day money back guarantee. We stand by our product and if you have any reason for being unsatisfied we will refund the purchase price of the software. For more information visit our Packaging & Pricing page.

What is the update policy?

Best Case Bankruptcy includes free updates and free telephone support for the first year that you own our software, with affordable maintenance packages available thereafter.

Can I file in multiple jurisdictions or just one?

Best Case Bankruptcy gives you the flexibility to file in as many jurisdictions as you want at no additional cost. If you are filing Chapter 13's we do have listing of local forms and add-ons available through Best Case to accomodate your local requirements.

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Switching is Simple

Can the information from a competitor's software be transferred into Best Case Bankruptcy?

If you are switching from a competing program, your common creditor information can be converted to the Best Case format. This way you will retain the creditor information you've acquired over time. Client files cannot be converted or transferred.

Is there training available to get me up and running quickly?

Best Case offers comprehensive training online and over the phone. The online training helps you get acquainted with Best Case Bankruptcy quickly and easily. Visit our Training page to learn more about our Online Seminars, Live Workshops and Web Tutorials. Our hours are 8:00am to 5:30pm Central Time Monday through Friday to reach technical support simply call 1-800-492.8037.

If I encounter problems, how can you help me?

Best Case® Bankruptcy comes with a full year's worth maintenance which covers toll-free technical support. Many other programs offer only a few months of free support and/or do not have a toll-free support line. At Best Case your call will be answered by a real person who is able to answer your questions. No automated voice menus.

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System Requirements

Will the program run on my computer?

Some competing programs get bogged down on even the fastest computers. Best Case Bankruptcy will run smoothly on a Pentium Class-III processor or better and requires only 128 MB of RAM, 80 MB free on the hard drive, and Windows Vista or 7.To find out more about our requirements visit, System Requirements.

Will it work with my scanner?

Best Scan, Best Case Bankruptcy's scanning feature, works with most scanners and can accommodate platen or automatic document feeders. Scanners used with Best Case Bankruptcy require a TWAIN driver. If you do not have a TWAIN driver, please contact your manufacturer.

Will Best Case work on a Mac?

Best Case will not work natively on a Mac. However, Best Case can be run on Intel-based macintosh computers through the use of a virtualization program such as BootCamp, Parallels or VM Fusion. Please note that using virtualization programs requires the purchase of a copy of Vista or 7. For detailed information, please see our System Requirements page.

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Is the on-line help context sensitive and useful?

When you click the Help button in Best Case Bankruptcy, the on-line help screen relates directly to the data entry window you have open. In many programs, accessing the on-line help just brings you to the table of contents, and the help is more oriented toward definitions than directions.

What is the cost of technical support?

Best Case Bankruptcy comes with a full year's worth of toll-free technical support. Many other programs offer only a few months of free support and/or do not have a toll-free support line.Visit our Support Page for information.

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