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Instructor Materials

Instructor Essentials

A quick overview of the software including set up, exercises, sending and receiving files and more.

Student Essentials

Covers the basic uses of the software including navigating schedules, transferring client files and more.

Electronic Case Filing Guide

A guide that aids the exploration of the Courts’ Case Management and Electronic Case Filing systems.

Means Testing Guide

A detailed walkthrough of using the Means Test Calculator to determine Presumption of Abuse.

Technical Resources

Update Best Case (EDU)

Ensure you have the most recent Educational Version of
the software.

Customize Exercises

Learn how to easily customize or create new assignments for
your students.

Network Installations

Install Best Case on your server to share client files with students and use the software simultaneously.

Transferring Client Files

Discover how you can send and receive client files in Best Case via email.

Student Exercises
The Educational Version comes pre-loaded with 8 exercises to use along-side the software.
Voluntary Petition   VIEW PDF
Schedules A & B   VIEW PDF
Schedules D, E & F   VIEW PDF
Schedule C   VIEW PDF
Form 7: Statement of Financial Affairs   VIEW PDF
Schedules I & J and Form 22A: Means Test   VIEW PDF
Preparing for Electronic Filing   VIEW PDF
Schedules I & J and Form 22C: Means Test   VIEW PDF
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