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New Jersey

Chapter 13 Plan with supporting documents – Price: $250

  • Transmittal Letter for Chapter 13 Plan
  • Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan
  • Certification Re: Calculation of Amounts Due
  • Certification in Support of Discharge – Debtor
  • Certification in Support of Discharge – Joint Debtor
  • Pre-Confirmation Certification of Compliance
  • Certification of Supplemental Chapter 13 Fee
  • Notice of Final Cure Payment
  • Statement in Response to Notice of Final Cure Payment

Included in Best Case Bankruptcy for no additional charge:

  • Change of Address
  • Form 3A Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments
  • Order Approving Payment of Filing Fee in Installments
  • Certification of Service
  • Loss Mitigation Final Report
  • Loss Mitigation Order
  • Request for payment of Administrative Expense
  • Amendment to Schedule D, E, F, G, H or List of Creditors

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