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West Virginia – Northern District

Chapter 13 Plan with supporting documents – Price: $300

  • Debtor’s Certification to the Court Regarding Entry of Chapter 13 Discharge
  • Application for Payment out of Pre-Confirmation Funds
  • Order Avoiding Judicial Lien – Chapter 13
  • Debtor(s) Certification Of §1325 Compliance
  • Debtor’s Certificate of Compliance, Motion for Issuance of Discharge and Notice of Deadline to Object

Included in Best Case Bankruptcy for no additional charge:

  • Statement Under Penalty of Perjury Concerning Payment Advices
  • Statement Under Penalty of Perjury Concerning Payment Advices Due Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §521(a)(1)(B)(iv)
  • Declaration Re: Electronic Filing
  • Statement Re: Pay Advices – Debtor
  • Statement Re: Pay Advices – Joint Debtor
  • Order Avoiding Judicial Lien
  • Motion to Avoid Judicial Lien

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