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Important Notice about MyECFMail

Best Case will no longer update MyECFMail after March 12, 2018.
All MyECFMail users are encouraged to register for a free Court Notices & Calendar account. Attend this free webinar on January 24, 2018, to learn more about Court Notices & Calendar and the steps required to get set up with an account.

Court Notices & Calendar is an online, integrated tool that is accessible from any device—at no extra cost or hidden fees to your firm — allowing you to stay up-to-date with evolving technology and court notice updates. Get instant access to features including:

  • Claim Tracker* – Review and manage Proofs of Claim in one place.
  • Online Document Storage – Save case files online for quick on-the-go access.
  • No PACER Fees – Free looks are automatically downloaded and saved.
  • Filing Cabinet (Coming Soon) – Save your documents to a computer or network.

How is Court Notices & Calendar different from MyECFMail?

MyECFMail is a desktop software program that is installed, updated and maintained separately from Best Case.  Court Notices & Calendar is a integrated, online feature accessible from Best Case or any device with internet access. Simply log in to your account at, to view your Court Notice emails, Calendar Events, Proofs of Claim and more.

How do I start using Court Notices & Calendar?

See step-by-step how-to instructions. In Best Case, click the new Court Notices & Calendar button in the toolbar. This will walk you through setting up an account. Once your account is created, you can import calendar dates from MyECFMail. If you require assistance, please contact Technical Support at 800.492.8037 (Option 2).

What will happen to my old Court Notices from MyECFMail?

The emails and court documents you’ve already received will not be moved. You will always be able to access your previous court notices emails through MyECFMail and the Gmail account you created. Your court notice PDF’s will continue to be stored in the folder you’ve designated for MyECFMail (Default location C:>MyECFMail).

What if I still need to use MyECFMail?

You can continue to access MyECFMail from your desktop at any time. Please be aware that after March 12, 2018, there will be no updates to the program — which may cause future compatibility errors with the Court. Once you set up a Court Notices & Calendar account, the buttons in the Best Case ECF Manager will direct you to the correct system based on when the case was filed. If you require assistance, please contact Technical Support at 800.492.8037 (Option 2).

Resources & Training: 

*To use Claim Tracker, CM/ECF settings with the Court must be configured to ‘Send a notice for each filing’. Claim Tracker is not compatible with the Daily Summary Report. If you require assistance, please contact Technical Support at 800.492.8037 (Option 2).


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