Create a win-win for you and your clients

Benefits of 722 Redemption


Create a new revenue source

With minimal effort, get up to $700 per motion for your firm. Attorney fees are financed through the redemption, so your firm’s legal fees are paid within 30 days.


Help your clients save money

Your clients have the right to redeem their vehicle for what it’s worth, not what they owe. They can also surrender their vehicle and replace it with a new, affordable option.

Configure directly through Best Case

In an Open Client File go to Tools > 722 Redemption > Edit Configuration

If the debtor has a minimum monthly income of $1,800 and a minimum car payment of $300 you can select to automatically send debtor data to 722 Redemption.

How to send debtor information manually

1. In an Open Client File go to Tools > 722 Redemption > Send Debtor Information to 722 Redemption

2. In the Send Debtor to 722 Redemption window, review the monthly income and car payment fields. Then click the button Send Debtor to 722 Redemption.

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