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How are you planning to move your firm forward in the new year? Are you aware of the sizable changes to American bankruptcy code supported by incoming political leadership? While many of the challenges of 2020 remain, there is opportunity for growth. As the leader in bankruptcy management software, Stretto can provide you with the most relevant information concerning policy change, alternative revenue recommendations, and give you resources your firm needs to grow in 2021. In January and February, Stretto is hosting a variety of webinars designed to help your firm begin the new year. You can learn more about each webinar and find the registration links below.

Consumer Bankruptcy 101 (6 week series)
Stretto has developed this comprehensive six-week program for Attorneys interested in adding a consumer-bankruptcy offering to their law practice and those seeking to expand their current Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 practices.
Our experts will focus on two core areas: 1) Consumer bankruptcy law including marketing, client intake and retention, fee structure, and payment plans; and 2) Substantive case law and successfully delivering Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 legal services. One 2 hour session is offered each week for six consecutive weeks.

Fridays, February 12 – March 19 | 1:30 – 3:30 pm ET
*Note these are 2 hour sessions

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Beating the Collection Odds
Aging accounts receivable can be the silent killer of a solo practitioner or small law firm. Days turn into weeks and eventually months later accounts are still overdue. All the while, the likelihood that you will be paid for services rendered gets smaller and smaller.

Join Chelsey Lambert, Stretto’s Managing Director and recognized industry expert, as she delivers “Beating the Collection Odds”. This informative session provides guidance on how to approach the conversation with your clients and offer flexible payment options without feeling like a collections agent. Program participants will also receive sample scripts and letters that can be utilized by nearly any law firm.

Key Takeaways
– Learn client intake and consultation strategies to increase the likelihood of payment.
– Receive a copy of the AR and Collection Strategies Handbook, which includes a template AR policy, collections email, letter, and call script.
– Watch a real-time payment plan setup tutorial.

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CBRA Overview and Predictions
This in-depth review will outline the proposed shift to a uniform Chapter 10 case type to replace the current Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filing structure. The panel will also discuss other provisions that would allow for both student loan and mortgage debt discharge.

Key Takeaways:
– Gain a concise understanding of the CBRA’s proposed changes
– Glean awareness of the current and future stages of proposed legislation
– Increase knowledge of the deregulations of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases
– Receive information and ongoing updates on CBRA legislation developments

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2021 Strategic Planning for Bankruptcy Attorneys
Join Chelsey Lambert, Stretto’s Managing Director and industry expert on consumer-bankruptcy practices, as she leads a virtual strategic-planning workshop. She will provide attendees with a workbook style PDF for notetaking and goal setting as she facilitates a series of practical exercises designed to help Attorneys narrow their focus, identify opportunities, and set a course for success.

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Introduction to Firm Marketing and Client Conversion
This educational program will offer useful instruction on how law firms can market their services and generate inquiries as the first step of the conversion process. Attendees will receive an overview of the core marketing vehicles used by bankruptcy law firms including a systematic approach to follow up, intake and conversion that are required to maintain consistent cash flow.

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Alternative Revenue Models: Mortgage Modification as a Legal Service

As COVID-19 relief measures have resulted in the delay of consumer-bankruptcy filings, Chapter 7 and 13 Attorneys have sought other avenues to maintain consistent cash flow. This introductory session will discuss mortgage modification as legal service offering and a viable revenue opportunity for select jurisdictions.

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Accountability and Success: Leadership for Bankruptcy Professionals
In this session, attendees will learn a core set of simple processes, policies, and delivery methods created to increase transparency and effectiveness within any organization. The difference between successful professionals and those who struggle is rarely talent. This discussion will demonstrate that success often comes from one’s ability to master difficult conversations and provide constructive feedback while holding every person in the firm accountable.

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