Quickly analyze whether student loan debt is dischargeable

Easily evaluate your client’s student loan information to provide helpful solutions on how to tackle the debt.

Student Loans

Help Tackle Student Loan Debt
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Built-in calculations

Enter client data including student loans, grants, scholarships and financial data to identify the correct solution.

Save Money by avoiding costly pacer fees

Jurisdictional Scorecard™

Explore statistics for dischargeability based on jurisdiction, circuit and by judge.

Never Miss a Court deadline

Sample complaints and motions

Built-in templates help you prepare the case for filing.

Institutional lookup

Institution lookup

Quick access to a school’s cost of attendance (COA) and accreditation status.

View important events online

Comprehensive analysis

Learn how to address next steps with detailed how-to instructions.

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Service this growing industry

Assist current and previous clients of the possibility of discharging their student debt.

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