Sheppard Legal Services

January 26, 2021


As a solo practitioner, Stephanie Sheppard, founder of Sheppard Legal Services, places a high value on time management and operational efficiency. Based in Atlanta, she not only files Chapters 7 and 13 cases in Georgia’s three districts for her firm’s clients, but also partners with another legal practice to facilitate their bankruptcy cases. Without an administrative-support staff, Sheppard single-handedly manages all aspects of every case. Further adding to the day-to-day challenges preparing this volume of cases presents, remote-working conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have had an even greater impact on her productivity.

Understanding the need to streamline her case-preparation and filing needs, Sheppard began exploring bankruptcy-software providers. While researching her options, Sheppard realized the limitations of other software providers while recognizing the robust functionality of Best Case by Stretto’s platform to help her maximize her time and safeguard the integrity of her work product. She ultimately selected the industry’s leading bankruptcy technology for its unparalleled capabilities and market reputation.


Quickly getting up-to-speed on Best Case’s numerous tools, Sheppard immediately saw an increase in productivity. Utilizing one of her favorite features – OneTouch, the software’s electronic-filing tool – she gains valuable time-savings by simplifying document organization and case-preparation materials. Sheppard relies on OneTouch to upload the properly-ordered documents and deliver a receipt and instant case number. The ability to automate key workflow processes while maintaining data integrity brings Sheppard critical peace of mind knowing her case filings are compliant with Court requirements. Sheppard also relies on the Chapter 13 Plan Calculator to automate complex calculations so she can easily determine plan payments and quickly prepare case filings.

Along with Stretto’s best-in-class technology, Sheppard values her partnership with the company for providing a professional level of client support. Having access to responsive technology experts who can provide remote client support has been crucial to Sheppard’s business operations. Working closely with Sheppard, Stretto’s team oversaw the software configuration, customizing her Best Case document-management structure to meet her unique needs. In addition to technical assistance, Sheppard relies on Stretto’s Client Services Team to provide ongoing training on new features and tools while offering access to ancillary-support services such as document production and legal noticing that alleviate burdens, allowing her more time to focus on growing her practice.

As Sheppard Legal Services expands its footprint in Georgia, Stretto’s experts will continue to deliver the technology tools and client service that Sheppard has come to expect and rely on.