The Valenzuela Law Firm

November 30, 2019


Following more than ten years of practicing bankruptcy and social security disability law in larger firms, Samantha Valenzuela opened The Valenzuela Law Firm, LLC, in Ozark, Alabama. Recognizing the need to provide quick, efficient representation for local residents, Valenzuela understood the importance of identifying a software program that offered simplified workflows and the ability to expedite case filing. She was familiar with Best Case, having used it at a previous firm, but wasn’t overly familiar with all of the features and full functionality of the software.

Realizing how much technology would impact her day-to-day business operations, she took time to carefully analyze her needs, research options and reach out to peers for recommendations. Valenzuela ultimately chose Best Case because “it seemed to be more user friendly and easier to integrate.” The implementation was seamless. Immediately after downloading Best Case, she was able to enter case information and prepare for a bankruptcy consultation taking place the next day.

Within a small office, getting employees up-to-speed quickly on new software is critical. “Best Case is set up so you know exactly where everything is supposed to be entered. You can type up a petition in just a few minutes.” Best Case also simplifies daily tasks. When creditors call the law office, case numbers and other relevant information can be conveniently accessed. If clients need to be contacted, phone numbers are easily found in the client list on the main screen without having to open an actual client file to search for it. “Everything is right there at your fingertips.”

Due to the functionality of Best Case, Valenzuela quickly determined she was able to eliminate other software. “When I started the firm, I used a case-management software where I stored communication logs and other client information in a separate location. Then I realized Best Case had those features, making everything easily accessible in one place.”


Fast-paced environments with tight deadlines and quick turnaround times can often lead to errors. Best Case offers a wide range of built-in tools that increase accuracy. “There have been occasions in the past where I’ve not had a telephone docket on the calendar or a 341. Best Case automatically adds this to the calendar. With calendar integration [of my Court Notices], there’s a safety net to prevent mistakes. Eliminating the time, it takes to go back and fix those errors when you’re trying to get something done in a short period of time is essential.”

Best Case provides reminders and automations while offering additional services to clients, such as exploring vehicle redemption or replacement. Attorneys can send debtor information directly to 722 Redemption Funding Inc., a Best Case partner, to automatically initiate a free valuation of a client’s vehicle.

Valenzuela also orders bankruptcy courses for all clients through Best Case, streamlining course management and access to multiple course options. “There’s not a charge for the telephone course. The last company I used charged an additional $6.00 to use the phone option so this is another way that Best Case is helping me save money.”

Filing an average of fifteen cases per month, Valenzuela emphasizes the importance of streamlining her operations. “Anything I can do to simplify tasks, especially in a small or solo practice to make life easier and increase organization, is the most important thing.”

Valenzuela is impressed with the impact Best Case has had on her firm’s productivity. “The software saves you time, which saves you money. If it saves your staff ten minutes here and ten minutes there, an hour here, an hour there, that is money saved because staff can be doing something else.” She is confident she made the right decision when she chose Best Case as her firm’s bankruptcy software. “Once you try Best Case, you won’t ever switch. You won’t go back to anything else. It makes everything so simple.”