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How To Charge Your Client

Austin Smith, JD | 14 Jun | Student Loans

One major hurdle in developing a student loan discharge practice is: how do I get paid for my services?  There is admittedl…

Seven Little Steps To Freedom: The Trial

Austin Smith, JD | 9 Jun | Student Loans

If your client refuses all settlement offers, you’re going to need to try this case.  Don’t panic!  Remember that 47% of un…

Release Notes – June 6, 2017

Best Case | 6 Jun | Release Notes

Revised Local Form: Central District of California Summons And Notice of Status Conference in Adversary Proceeding – F7004-…

Seven Little Steps To Freedom: Settlement discussion and hearings

Austin Smith, JD | 6 Jun | Student Loans

About a month after you provide discovery responses, you’ll be getting a letter from opposing counsel explaining why your c…

Potential tax consequences in student loan litigation

Austin Smith, JD | 5 Jun | Student Loans

We all know the general rule that the IRS treats any forgiveness of debt as taxable income under the IRS Code.  Creditors h…


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