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Fern v. US Department of Education

Austin Smith, JD | 28 Apr | Court Decisions, Student Loans

One of the problems with litigating against the federal government is that when you win, they very often always appeal the…

Three tips for negotiating student loan settlements

Austin Smith, JD | 27 Apr | Student Loans

Very few civil actions ever see trial.  The statistics bear this out, and suggest that 98% of all cases settle before trial…

What’s a fair settlement?

Austin Smith, JD | 27 Apr | Student Loans

Once you file the complaint, the time is already ripe to begin considering settlement. Now, when your client attended an un…

Release Notes – April 26, 2017

Best Case | 26 Apr | Release Notes

Revised Local Form: Western District of Missouri Declaration Regarding Electronic Filing

What exactly is an “obligation to repay funds received as an educational benefit?”

Austin Smith, JD | 26 Apr | Student Loans

After understanding the difference between a “real student loan” (e., a qualified education loan) and “a loan made to a stu…


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