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Save with Bankruptcy-Specific Addresses

Best Case | 26 Feb 2019 | Workflow Tools

Access bankruptcy-department addresses for streamlined delivery of creditor notices Don’t waste time researching bankruptcy…

The fastest way to file: Draft a petition in 30 minutes

Best Case | 1 Nov 2018 | Attorney Insights

Competitors brag about filing a case in an hour with their bankruptcy software. With Best Case, you can draft a petition in…

Valuable Insights from the Trenches: Draft a Petition in 30 Minutes

George Vogl, JD | 10 Aug 2018 | Attorney Insights

There’s a number of different ways one can go about drafting bankruptcy petitions. Some methods lead to better results whil…

Valuable Insights from the Trenches: Improve Your Bottom Line

George Vogl, JD | 9 Aug 2018 | Attorney Insights

In recent years, some industry experts believe that filings have finally plateaued and may begin to rebound. Despite this o…

Valuable Insights from the Trenches: Maximize Your Productivity

George Vogl, JD | 8 Aug 2018 | Attorney Insights

Having worked as a bankruptcy practitioner for more than 17 years, I’ve learned how important it is to maintain an efficien…