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Version 27 Overview

Best Case Bankruptcy 27 is packed with innovative features to manage Proofs of Claim, enhance case management, streamline court notices, view and calendar important events all within a modernized interface.

Easily manage Proofs of Claim:
Eliminate the manual work of tracking, matching, and indicating different claim amounts for Proofs of Claim filed by creditors. Version 27’s new Claim Tracker feature helps you stay on top of Proofs of Claim by automatically tracking and flagging claim amount discrepancies, identifying claims that were filed after the bar date or that do not have a Proof of Claim, as well as importing Proofs of Claim data into creditor schedules.

National and Local Chapter 13 Plan Changes:
Best Case is the go-to source for the latest federal and local Chapter 13 forms. With Version 27, Best Case will have the latest version of your districts Chapter 13 Plan, whether that be a Local Plan or the new National Plan. Click here to view a list of jurisdictions affected. 

Access case dates on the go:
The Case Details screen from Court Notices and Calendar now shows important case dates that were entered within the Best Case Version 27 desktop install. Now giving you the ability to view case dates and important calendared events in court, on the go, or while working remotely.

Enhanced Case Management for a streamlined process:
Best Case has added more capabilities to help bankruptcy professionals manage client and case information beyond the basics of petition preparation. Within Version 27, Best Case users are now able to download a client overview report, add more client contact information, automate activity tracking, export notes, and view case dates on the go via Court Notices and Calendar.

Save time with Templates:
Client files are filled with repetitive information. With templates, you can eliminate this repetitive process by easily duplicating a current template. Use the updated Version 27 templates to eliminate manual data entry in the Schedules form, or customize it based on your office preferences.

New Best Case Tips:
Stay on top of tips, tricks, and time-saving features within Version 27. With a new tip displayed daily, learn how you can streamline your practice with quick articles, videos and help files.

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You must have an active Best Case maintenance plan to sign up for Court Notices. Court Notices is not supported in the Eastern District of California. Claim Tracker is not supported in the Eastern District of North Carolina.