Time-saving features every step of the way

Best Case provides you everything you need to make case preparation and e-filing quicker, easier and more accurate.

Time-saving features every step of the way

Best Case Bankruptcy provides you everything you need to make case preparation and e-filing quicker, easier and more accurate.

Case Preparation Made Easy

Forms and
Entry Screens

An Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Interface

Best Case provides you with the most up-to-date federal and local forms ensuring you have everything you need to prepare your case. Features Include:

  • Data-Entry Shortcuts – Time-saving shortcuts to speed up preparation
  • Best Case Editor – A built-in word processor to customize and edit forms
  • Exemption Analyzer – Determine which state’s exemptions are applicable


Data Collection
and Integration

Create Efficiencies in the Preparation Process

Gain access to features that speed-up the collection and integration of client information including:

  • Client Intake – Collect client data with MyCaseInfo®, an online questionnaire
  • Credit Report Manager – Import creditor data saving 60 minutes per case
  • CaseAssist – Order bankruptcy data products and services in just a few clicks
  • BestScan™ – Convert paper documents to PDF files for e-filing


Means Test

Simplify the Means Test

Automate the calculation of current monthly and disposable income to determine a presumption of abuse with the means test calculator. Features include:

  • IRS and Census Bureau data at your fingertips
  • Form hints which provide details, insight and descriptions based on the code
  • Simultaneous access to Schedules I, J and Form 122 for comparison
  • Form 122 data summary to quickly review the dollar amounts that affect the calculation


Ch. 13 Plan

Calculations Made Easy

Best Case offers the most powerful and flexible Chapter 13 Plan Calculator allowing you to quickly determine plan payments for your clients saving you and your staff hours of time. Features include:

  • Treatments Classifications
  • Calculations
  • Customization
  • Trustee-Approved Local Plans


Build the best package for your firm’s needs.

From a Chapter 7 single-user to an all chapters network license — tailor a license to fit your firm.

Accurate Filing Tools

OneTouch Initial Filing

With One Click, File and Docket a Case in Moments

OneTouch® allows you to effortlessly e-file complete and emergency petitions quickly and accurately. In a couple of clicks, OneTouch will:

  • Navigate through the Court’s website
  • Upload the proper documents for you
  • File and docket the case in moments
  • Instantly deliver a case number and court receipts in the ECF Manager

ECF Wizard

Convert Data into Court-compliant Documents

The ECF Wizard converts all data entered in Best Case into a Court-compliant PDF document with bookmarks for electronic filing. The Wizard walks you through:

  • Selecting the type of filing, office and date to include on signature lines
  • Preparing all documents required for the Court in the correct order
  • Any warnings encountered including:
    • If there is a Presumption of Abuse
    • Your expected Means Test filing date occurs in the past
    • Duplicate entries appear on your Creditor Matrix

ECF Manager

Instantly Reference all Case Documents

The ECF Manager organizes and stores your ECF documents. Instantly reference all documents including prepared forms, previously filed documents, activity records, receipts and more. With drag-and-drop capabilities and other robust features, gain access to everything you need including:

  • File Management – View, copy, rename, delete or erase all documents
  • BestScan™ – Quickly scan and attach documents
  • Filing Tools – Access filing options dependent on where you are in the case
  • Previously Filed Documents – The Prior and History tabs provide access to ECF receipts, logs and filed pdf documents

accurately filing with tools

Streamline Post-Petition Events



The Only Software that Automates Post-petition Filings

In a couple of clicks, OneTouch® creates and automates the post-petition filing of Form 423 and the Chapter 13 Plan – saving you valuable time navigating the Court’s website.

For other events, ECF Express simplifies the manual filing process, by eliminating various data entry by completing various tasks for you.

Court Notice

Save on PACER Fees and Increase Efficiency

Court Notices within Best Case eliminates the time-intensive and costly tasks that go hand-in-hand with processing Court emails. Court Notice Integration provides:

  • Easy setup, allowing you to improve your firm’s efficiency almost immediately
  • Automatic download of your Free Looks, saving costly trips to PACER
  • Access to all ECF activity for a client improving case management
  • Auto-populating of your bankruptcy events to the integrated calendar



Track Deadlines and Dates from Best Case

Access important bankruptcy events and client information from anywhere, on any device. The integrated calendar allows you to:

  • View and filter color-coded bankruptcy events or create your own
  • View specific events for a client or case
  • Seamlessly sync with your existing Google or Outlook calendar
  • View all your events on your mobile device


Conveniently Access Legal Noticing Services

By ordering directly within Best Case, Stretto offers an easy-to-use solution for submitting noticing orders. Stretto’s Legal Noticing Services provides:

  • Extended service and fulfillment hours for print-mail requests
  • Cost savings on paper and shipping materials
  • Virtual mailroom solution, eliminating administrative burdens
  • Ability to submit orders utilizing case data
  • Systemized legal-noticing process for all attorneys and office staff


Start exploring Best Case today

Download a Demo of Best Case to test drive all the features and functionalities yourself.

Client & Case Management at Your Fingertips

Client List
and Reporting

Easily Manage Data with Filters and Reporting

Quickly view all clients in one location with key information regarding each case. Plus, easily filter, search or run reports.

  • Filter by criteria based on filing and case status, important dates and more
  • Search for clients by Name, Social Security or other contact information
  • Run Reports to view a summary of your client list based on custom filters, adversary proceedings or export your client to .CSV

Client and
Case Overview

Track and Manage Cases Easily

The Client Overview window allows you to:

  • View the Case Status and add follow-up flags
  • Add Adversary Proceedings to a case
  • Track client-provided documents with a built-in checklist
  • Log various activities or client communications
  • Keep track of important bankruptcy events
  • Track Lead Source and billing and fees
  • Capture custom client data with user defined fields


Create Custom Documents with Best Case Data

The Additional Documents Library includes templates that you can use to mail merge data from Best Case® Bankruptcy into Word or WordPerfect. You can create:

  • Client envelopes, labels and letters
  • Creditor envelopes, labels and letters
  • Your own forms or letters with Best Case data.

Course Manager

Hassle-free Bankruptcy Courses

Simplify the bankruptcy course process for no additional cost to your firm without leaving Best Case. Bankruptcy Course Manager provides:

  • Immediate Delivery of the Certificate to the Best Case client file
  • Automated Email and Text (SMS) Reminders to take and complete the course
  • Consumer choice and payment, while keeping you informed and in control of the process


client management

I save so much time with Best Case, from automatically transferring descriptions in A/B to linked liens in Schedule D, to suggesting and filling the appropriate exemption.

– Palmer Huffstetler | Sosna Law Offices, PLLC. |Rocky Mount, NC

The ECF wizard is amazing as it prepares documents to be filed electronically.

– Veleka Evans | Losavio & DeJean, LLC | Baton Rouge, LA

OneTouch eliminates tedious data entry…advancing through filings without the need for manual input from me.

– Peggy Wise | Robert M Sweere LLC | Springfield, MO

The chapter 13 plan calculator is crucial to the preparation of a plan. I couldn’t do without it.

– Luis Basagoitia | The Law Office of Luis Basagoitia, p.a. | Orlando, FL

Best Case works great and gets the job done. The technical support is awesome.

– Stefanie Howell | Howell Law Offices, LLC | Smithfield RI