Recorded August 8, 2023

Simplify and Manage Post-Petition Activities.

Learn how to:
• Utilize OneTouch® to create and automate post-petition filing of Form 423 and the Chapter 13 Plan
• Set up Court Notices & Calendar to reduce time-intensive and costly tasks related to processing Court emails
• Eliminate time spent printing and mailing documents with Stretto’s Legal Noticing Services

Recorded September 25, 2019

Maximize Your Investment: 5 things included in your license you can use today
Explore five ways you can maximize your Best Case investment with integrated features that simplify your workflow and increase revenue. Also, learn how expert training and support can help you get the most out of your software.

Learn about:

  • Court Notices and Calendar
  • Bankruptcy Course Manager
  • Student Loan Analyzer
  • OneTouch Electronic Filing
  • Technical Support and Training

Recorded October 26th, 2022

Electronic filing essentials

Learn how to:

  • Prepare initial and post-petition documents for correct filing order
  • Scan and add supplemental materials, such as paystubs and course certificates
  • Automate filing with OneTouch® and receive a case number and court receipt
  • Access filing logs, court notice emails and free look PDFs

Recorded August 29, 2018

Edit, Scan, Attach: Prep Forms for Filing

Learn everything you should know about the Best Case Editor and BestScan™.

Discover how to:

  • Manually edit forms and schedules
  • Add and replace forms as attachments
  • Scan and create documents for electronic filing

Recorded September 26, 2018

Quick and Easy Initial Filing: E-File with Confidence Pt.1

Review the steps for preparation and initial filing of a complete and skeletal petition.


  • The differences between filing a complete vs. emergency petition
  • How to file additional forms with OneTouch such as Credit Counseling, paystubs, etc.
  • How to pay fees
  • Overview of the files we capture (ECF Manager & Court Notices/Calendar

Recorded October 17, 2018

Simplified Post-Petition Filing: E-File with Confidence Pt.2

Review the steps for preparation and filing of amendments, emergency completions, Form 423 and more


  • The differences between ECF Express vs. OneTouch®
  • How to prepare post-petition documents for filing
  • Overview of the files we capture (ECF Manager & Court Notices/Calendar)

Use BestScan to scan attachments to forms and schedules or add filing documents (ex: credit counseling certificates, paystubs, etc.) to the ECF Manager for OneTouch filing.


Learn how to generate Court-compliant PDF documents for a complete or emergency/skeletal petition.

Learn how to use the OneTouch® feature to automatically submit forms to the Court’s CM/ECF system.