Recorded September 22, 2021

How to Build a Student Loan Management Offering
Student loan debt continues to make national headlines with a reform bill under consideration. However, there are student loan repayment solutions available to consumers now. This session will provide an overview of the nine federally-approved student loan programs and qualification factors.

Learn why leading bankruptcy firms are implementing student loan management service offerings and how to identify clients with an immediate need. The session will explain the difference between legal service delivery for clients inside an active bankruptcy and those who may not require filing.

Key takeaways:
• Understand federal student loan programs available to consumers
• View a demonstration of generating a qualification report and completing an application
• Leverage a recommended fee schedule and marketing materials

Download webinar materials:
– Presentation PDF
– Marketing resources and campaign template

Access DMM resources:
– Create a DMM account

Recorded September 25, 2019

Maximize Your Investment: 5 things included in your license you can use today
Explore five ways you can maximize your Best Case investment with integrated features that simplify your workflow and increase revenue. Also, learn how expert training and support can help you get the most out of your software.

Learn about:

  • Court Notices and Calendar
  • Bankruptcy Course Manager
  • Student Loan Analyzer
  • OneTouch Electronic Filing
  • Technical Support and Training

Recorded May 22, 2019

Discover how the Student Loan Analyzer can assist your clients with educational debt while providing an additional revenue source for your firm. Identify which student loan debt may be dischargeable.

Best Case Bankruptcy 27 is packed with updated features to streamline Proofs of Claim, enhance case management, pre-populate information and more.

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Recorded February 28, 2018

Think Outside the Box – Learn about ways to increase your firm’s revenue with:

  • 722 Redemption Funding
  • Tax Discharge Determinator
  • Student Loan Analyzer
  • Credit Assurance

Easily evaluate your client’s student debt, determine the best relief options and prepare the necessary options to file an adversary proceeding.

Recorded May 5, 2017 at the NACBA Annual Convention

Debunked: the Dischargeability of Student Loans

Not all student loan debt is created equal. Enhance your practice by assisting new and past clients with student loan debt. Explore recent case law that challenges this well-known myth and common scenarios that you will encounter. Learn how to simplify the process with a new tool in Best Case® Bankruptcy which can help identify next steps using built-in tools and documents. Plus, review the Jurisdictional Scorecard™ to learn the likelihood of discharging student loan debt in your area.

Presented by Austin Smith, J.D. and Bethany Lape

Watch the video series by Austin Smith – A case study in discharging student loans

Learn the steps involved with data-entry into the student loan analyzer. Add student loan details manually or by importing an NSLDS file. Use the institution look up to determine the cost of attendance and accreditation status for your debtor’s school.

Use the results tab in the Student Loan Analyzer to access a summary, analysis and relief options pertaining to your debtor’s student debt. Use the Jurisdictional Scorecard to track the success rate of student loan hearings based on the circuit, district or judge; and obtain additional background information pertinent to your case. Access student loan form templates and identify potential clients via a student loan creditor search.