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Best Case Features Overview

Take a video tour and learn about time-saving features in Best Case.


Electronic Filing Overview

See why OneTouch® is the quickest and simplest way to electronically file.


Refund a Payment

Initiate full or partial refunds for processed payments in Invoices & Payments.


Log Chapter 13 Plan Payments

Log payments received from the trustee through the Chapter 13 plan.


Adapting to the New Normal

Explore how firms increase client conversion and total fees collected.


Place a Legal Noticing Order

Submit noticing orders and access a Certificate of Service in Best Case.


Legal Noticing Overview

Reduce the time and money you spend printing and mailing documents.


Invoices & Payments Overview

Manage fees, process payments and track time with Invoices & Payments.


Invoices & Payments Enrollment

Sign-up for the integrated payment processing and time tracking tool.


Configure Invoices & Payments

Set up the feature by adding hourly rates, fee categories, and fee templates.


Manages Fees In Invoices & Payments

Apply a fee template and manage fees in Invoices & Payments.


Process or Request One-Time Payments

Process one-time cash, credit/debit and ACH payments with Invoices & Payments.