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New to Bankruptcy

Best Case makes it easy when starting a
new firm or adding a practice area.

  • User-friendly design
  • Intuitive interface makes preparation
    and filing simple
  • Free training and support

Solo Practitioner/Small Firm

Best Case helps you do more with limited
resources and staff.

  • Court-compliant forms & schedules
  • Key relationships with Court and Trustees
    to ensure accurate filings
  • Scales with you as your firm grows

Large Firm

Best Case focuses on efficiency to help
you streamline your practice.

  • Fast and accurate electronic filing
  • Unlimited number of jurisdictions
  • Access to workflow tools that simplify
    the bankruptcy process

How one lawyer streamlined his practice using Best Case.

Eric Steiden, of Steiden Law Offices in Covington, Kentucky, understands the importance of bankruptcy preparation and filing tools better than most. That’s why he’s been using Best Case Bankruptcy since 1996, and he recognizes it as the leading bankruptcy preparation and filing software on the market today.

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Best Case is best among bankruptcy software in terms of utility and performance.

– A. Olusanjo Omoniyi | Omoniyi Law Firm, P.C. | Chicago, IL

Best Case does everything we need from downloading of the credit report to filing.

– Veleka Evans | Losavio & DeJean, LLC | Baton Rouge, LA

Best Case helps us efficiently and accurately prepare petitions for our clients.

– Karl Hawkins | M Karl Hawkins LLC | St. Louis, MO

Best Case is easier to use than the other programs I’ve tried.

– Robert Itkin | Decatur, GA

It is the best software for updating and maintaining current Court forms.

– Carrie Magerl | Magerl Law Office | Jacksonville, IL

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers

Cost & Pricing

What is the difference between my initial license purchase and the annual maintenance plan?
The initial license purchase gives you access to Best Case Bankruptcy and one year of Maintenance, which provides access to software updates, unlimited technical support, training and web features like OneTouch. After the first year, you have the option of renewing your maintenance plan for an annual fee.
Are there other costs besides the annual maintenance plan?
After the first year, there is a minimal maintenance cost for Custom Chapter 13 Plans and Additional Users that is included in your annual renewal fee.
Can I pay the license fee in installments?
No. The Best Case license fee must be paid in full.
What if I need to upgrade my license or add chapters after my initial purchase?
It’s easy to upgrade! You only need to pay the difference in the cost of the packages. A new registration code is then sent to you, which can be activated immediately in the software.
What is the return policy?
Best Case has a 60-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with Best Case Bankruptcy, we will refund the purchase price of the software.

Usage & Requirements

What is the difference between a single-user and a multi-user license?
A single-user license gives access to one attorney and one support worker, from one office location. A Single-user License does NOT allow simultaneous use over a local area network.

A multi-user license gives access to everyone from one office location. A Multi-User License allows up to 3 simultaneous users across a local area network. Additional simultaneous users can be added for a fee.

Can I install Best Case on a laptop or at home?
Yes. At Best Case, we license users, not computers. As long as your home is not a staffed office location, you can use Best Case there too.
Can I import client files from another software program?
Yes, easily convert client files from the following software programs:
TopForm™ by Fastcase
EZFiling® Version 18-20
New Hope Bankruptcy 2015 ™
Ch 7..13 Bankruptcy Filing Software
Can my paralegal use Best Case on their computer?
A single-user license gives access to one attorney and one support worker (paralegal). A multi-user license gives access to everyone from one office location. You can also purchase an Additional User to expand either license.
Will Best Case work on my Mac?
Best Case cannot run natively on a Mac. However, Best Case will function on an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo based Mac running Windows through: Boot Camp®; Parallels Desktop® for Mac; VMWare Fusion®. For detailed information, please visit the System Requirements.

Features & Functionality

Does the software update automatically?
Best Case does not update automatically. We recommend you Check for Update at least once a month.
What jurisdictions can I file in using Best Case?
Best Case allows you to file in an unlimited number of jurisdictions in the United States.
Does Best Case have all my local forms?
We work with our customers to ensure that Best Case has the local forms they need to file. If there is a local form you need that is not currently in the software, please let us know so that we can assist you. View a list of local forms in Best Case.
Is Best Case a web-based software?
Best Case is a desktop software. We have a partnership with CyberlinkASP to provide a tested and secure web-based hosting solution for all your office applications including Best Case. Learn More.
Does Best Case have OneTouch filing?
With Best Case, you get all the tools needed to file a case quickly and accurately. In a couple clicks, OneTouch® files and dockets a case. This automated process eliminates the manual task of navigating through the Court’s website and uploading documents.

Training & Technical Support

Is there training available to get me up and running quickly?
Best Case offers comprehensive training resources including webinars, videos and instructional guides in addition to complimentary technical support. Visit the Resource Library to learn more.
Do you offer on-site training?
The support team does not travel. However, our live webinars give users a chance to interact and ask questions. If you are interested in personalized online training for multiple users at your firm, contact
What is the cost of technical support?
Your initial license purchase gives you access to a year of toll-free technical support. After the first year, you have the option to renew your maintenance plan for an annual fee. Unlimited technical support is included in the cost of maintenance.
My license is expired; can I still update the software and receive technical support?
You must renew your maintenance plan in order to have continued access to software updates, technical support, training and web features like OneTouch.
How do I access technical support?
Technical support is available by phone, email or online remote support. Learn More.